Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Beauty Department: Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Body Scrub Review

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Body Scrub Review!!

Hi Beauties!

I am finally here with my very first Cocoa Brown review! I promised this a couple of weeks ago but due to been busy with work and other commitments I have found it very hard to sit down and blog. I have a bag full of products in my room ready to review its just getting down to doing them. Hopefully this week I will get back on track. :) 

So for a couple of months now I have been using Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff by Marissa Carter. I can honestly say I love it and I think it is the best body scrub on the market and been a beautician/beauty blogger who gets to try a lot of different body scrubs that's big. I have very sensitive skin and react to most body scrubs so when this first came out I was worried to try it. I then saw an interview on TV3 Xpose with Marissa, she talked about her amazing range and explained that her products were suitable for sensitive skin, as she herself has sensitive skin and this was one of the resons she created her brand. I bought the body scrub and did a patch test the night before use and thankfully I didn't have a reaction.

It is now a bathroom stable in my house. I loved it so much I bought it for my two sisters and my Mum and they all love it. But really what's not to love. It prepares skin for your fresh tan, removes stubborn old tan and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and soft. I use this with exfoliating mitts on stubborn areas such a my knees and elbows. I use this 3/4 times and my tan looks flawless when applied. It also smells amazing.

Overall I love this product, and I was so excited when I came home from #itwbnBloggersEvent in the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa Galway and found a tube of Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff Body Scrub in my goodie bag. Thank you so much to Sinead and Saibh for organizing the goodie bags and Marissa Carter the owner of Cocoa Brown who so generouly gave us all a full size tube of Tough Stuff! 

Tough Stuff can be bought in Penney's, Tesco, Boots and most pharmacy's nationwide. It can also be bought online on Cloud10Beauty which you can buy here - for only 7.99 Eur

I really hope you enjoyed this little review. 

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love 

Kerrie Anne x 

Bella and Vogue 

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