Monday, 30 November 2015

My Black Friday & Cyber Monday Favourites!

With just a few hours left of Cyber Monday I thought I would share a few of my favourite items from the weekend as well as some of the most popular discount codes. The list could have gone on forever but I felt like I had to stop somewhere. There as been some amazing discounts to redeem this weekend. Very dangerous information for shopaholics like me. So many of the websites crashed today too which is why it has taken me the whole day to get this post up - Proof of a successful day of shopping.   

River Island  - 50% off Selected lines

No Code 

Pretty Little Thing  - Up to 75% off everything 

No Code 

Boohoo - Up to 50% off everything and free delivery 

No Code 

Misguided  - 20% off every single thing 

Code: CYBER20

ASOS - 20% off everything 

Promo Code: CYBER at checkout 

Dorothy Perkins  - Up to 50% off everything  

Code: DPDEL75

Happy Shopping! 

Yours stylishly 

Kerrie x 


Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Friday shopping discount codes

Happy Black Friday! 

The day we've all been waiting for is finally here. Its lashing out, so what a better way to spend your Friday redeeming all of your very own discount codes. I know that most bloggers are sharing the discount codes today, we just all love sharing with our readers and making shopping as easy a possible for you all. I know to much shopping and so little time can be very overwhelming so I really do hope this post helps you get all the the amazing items you have had you eye on. 


If you love beauty and skincare, then you'll love these links!

 Discount: 30% taken off at checkout
Use Discount code: Pippa to get a further 10% off 

Discount: 20% taken off at checkout 

15% off everything with discount code: BlackFriday15

15% off everything with the discount code: LFBLACK

20% off almost everything!! 

Travel & Wanderlust 

If you're in need of a little holiday or a break away now is the time to book!

Flights for a little as 2Eur 

High Street 

For all you fashion lovers out there! 

20% off with the discount code: BFriday15 
Up to 50% off selected lines! 

20% off everything* with the discount code: Cyber 

Up to 50% off selected lines

Up to 50% off  with free delivery and additional discount codes
20% off Jackets, coats and knits using discount code: ITSAWRAP
30% off all men's wear with discount code: WANTIT 
20% off with the discount code: PARTY20

20% off everything using the discount code: Cyber20

Up to 50% off 

Up to 50% off everything


'Cinderella is proof a pair of shoes can change your life!'

Up to 40% off selected lines 

Up to 40% off using discount code: IPFL5N24

25% Extra off clearance 
Discount code: GETOUTHERE

20% off everything with the discount code: SNOW 


Perfect motivation for getting fit for the New Year! 

15% off everything at checkout 

Free delivery on all orders to Ireland and the UK 
Buy one get one half price 

20% off selected brands 


Stock up on all the goodness! 

 A number of special offers on selected lines 

A number of special offers on selected lines 

Happy Shopping!

Yours stylishly 

Kerrie x  


Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Very Special Gift Guide For Her

"A Very Special Gift Guide For Her" - The reason I am calling this gift guide a very special one is because this is the first Christmas post I have ever written. I love Christmas it is one of my favourite times of the year. I love the build up and all the laughter and fun it brings. This year has just flown by, I feel like the Christmas season has just crept up on us. I haven't started shopping for presents yet but can't help but feeling like I've left it until last minute. Christmas trees are up, stores are decorated and the carols have begun! :) In this post I have included a whole collection of gifts ranging at different age groups and prices. Hopefully if you're like me and you feel like you've left it until last minute you'll find some inspiration to treat your Mum, sister or a friend! 

Intimately Beckham by Victoria Beckham is by far my favourite perfume. It is  sort of a musk, strong scent. It lasts a lot longer than most perfumes too. I started wearing it when I was in school and still love it to this day. My Mum also wears it so its perfect for every age group. It is also available to buy in Boots but it's sold out online. 

Jo Malone is a popular favourite for most at the moment. There are so many different scents you will be sure to find maybe a few that you fall in love with. It is a little bit on the pricier side but if it was a treat for yourself or someone special I think its worth the splurge. 

Since the whole world has gone tech crazy, I think that a phone cover is a perfect stocking filler. The two pictured below are from a new online store - HA.Designs (which is link below). You replace the capitals HA with your own initials. 

I got so carried away working on this post my own wish list has just kept growing. Good job its Black Friday tomorrow, maybe I can justify a few items. I really hope you found some inspiration from this post. I'd love to know what suggestions you have! I'm always happy to hear from you! 

Thanks for reading! 



Monday, 23 November 2015

Beginning your radiance journey

With Christmas fast approaching and our busy lives getting even busier as we reach the crazy festive season. It got me thinking about this time last year and how fast this year has come and gone.Everyone's live's are so busy we barely get a chance to stop and look around us to really appreciate all that we have and what life is really about. I know for sure that I am extremely guilty of this always planning for the future, looking forward to the weekend, holidays or the next big event until its come and gone and I'm back to square one looking forward to the next big thing. Christmas will come and go with a blink of an eye and then we will be thinking of the next big thing 2016 and New Years Resolutions. One of my New Years Resolutions for this year was to get and stay fit and healthy. For the first half of the year I reached my goal but lately I have fallen off the bandwagon but am slowly but surely pulling myself back up again. 

As I sat down reflecting on my goals trying to figure out what has gone wrong it dawned on me - I am not in the right mindset! I have got to caught up in the business of life thinking of all I have to do and all the things stopping me from doing them to actually stop and focus on the here and the down. I started working out and eating healthy to loose weight and look good on the outside this has now in turn evolved into the desire to live a wonderful life. 

You can't live a healthy life if you don't have a healthy mind. I have read many inspirational books teaching me that you have to feed your mind with positive thoughts to attract a positive life. If you have read the book 'The Secret' you will know what I'm talking about. At the moment I am reading 'The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind' by Joseph Murphy. This is very like 'The Secret' but gives your more of an understanding of how your mind actually works and how much control we have over our lives in general. We can really do whatever we want as long as we believe in ourselves. As cheesy as that sounds its true.So instead of waiting for January 2016 I am starting to change my outlook and mindset now in order to live a happy and healthy life. 

I am no where near where I want to be with my fitness and well being but I am making small changes every day and learning a lot as I get there. Here are some of the things that I have learnt and I think they will help you too.


Being grateful for what you have now is the only thing that will bring more into your life. Appreciate the little things and the bigger things will follow. I have a gratitude notebook and every night before I go to bed I write down 10 things I'm grateful for that day.


Throw people's own ignorance myself included has scoffed at the thought of meditating and seen it as something hippies do. I stumbled across Glenn Harrold's hypnotherapy app 'Relax and Sleep Well' one night. I downloaded it and listen to it every night before falling asleep. All my fears and worries vanish and I wake up feeling calm and relaxed. 

Positive minds

"If you think good, good will follow; if you think evil, evil will follow". - The Power Of You Subconscious Mind 

There's 100s of books and quotes out there all about being positive. But at the end of the day its down to the individual to make it happen. I know from my own experience that I will be really good thinking really positive and loads of really good things happen. Then one thing not so great happens and it puts you in a negative mindset. This is something I really need to over come. Negative thoughts are not hurting any one but myself. 

Surround yourself with positive people

Being surrounded with like minded positive people is an amazing support system which will really help to mold you as a person and help you to achieve all you are capable of. Their energies are contagious and they will help you feel excited and more enthusiastic to what life has to offer. I know its not easy when situations and sometimes even people can be negative and try to bring you down. The best way to deal with these situations is to smile and remove yourself  in the politest way possible. 

Wake up with a smile and always look for the silver lining!  


Friday, 20 November 2015

One Year Of

So today marks the very first birthday of The year has just flown by. I couldn't be happier that I started my little blog, my only regret is that I didn't start it sooner. I first started reading blogs when I was in college and always wished I could one day have one of my own. After a lot of dreaming and wishing I decided to go for it and I'm so glad I did. 

The Blog 

November is a quiet time in Beauty Salon's as many will know and I was working on a treatment basis. Meaning I only worked when a client was booked in, so I wasn't working full days. I spent my time out of work researching the beauty industry, looking at courses to furthering my knowledge and the best ways to market and promote the business. I was working for someone else so there was only so much I could do within my control. 

It was then that I decided I would start my blog so I could have something else to focus on, share my passions and meet some like minded people. From day one I loved it. I was scared when I started but at the same time excited. I set up a facebook pageinstagram,  twitter and any social media platform I could to drive traffic to my blog. I love using social media to connect with my readers on a more casual basis, hearing your feedback and what you want to see on the blog. I do consider us friends and it makes my day to hear from you. 

I completed my 'Fit & Fabulous Series' which a lot of my readers followed along finding motivation and results of their own. I worked on beauty reviews and skincare tips which I am planning on doing more of in the near future. I incorporated my love for fashion and also got made a finalist in the 'Blog Awards Ireland 2015' as 'Best Fashion Blog'. Earlier in the year I was also nominated as 'Best New Blog' in the 'Beauty Blog Awards', I was only blogging a few months at the time and this came as a huge surprise for me. 

The Content

I would consider my blog a lifestyle blog as I love sharing a variety of aspects of my life with my readers. I love that I'm not pigeon holed into one area and I can share all of interests and inspirations with you. If you read my last post about an event I attended about 'blogging for business' all speakers gave us advice about blogging but one message that came through strongly was 'Do what you love'. This is very true I think it would come through in your blog post's if you didn't love it.

The Community

I was blogging for two months when I joined Into The West Blogger Network. I can honestly say that as a blogger this is one of the best things I have ever done. Starting out blogging can be really lonely but being part of a network like this is a real support system. Sinead and Saibh the blogger's behind the network believe that anything is possible and have opened so many doors for all blogger's in the network. We've attended many events in fabulous hotels meeting some of the top girls in the industry who are truly inspirational role models to us. Of course there is a community outside of the network but over all the blogging community are very supportive of one an other. Blogging has really helped me grow as a person, if you ask any of my family or friends growing up I was so quiet and shy. But this past year I have really grown as a person and have a lot more confidence in myself and a overall more positive outlook on life. 

The Organisation 

I am getting a lot better at organizing and planning my blog posts. It isn't easy when you don't work set hours. But this week especially I'm really getting into the swing of things. I love the whole process of blogging from start to finish and it really frustrates me when I can't get a post up. I do long for an organised life, this is one of the reasons why I invested in the Hippenings  Bando agenda. It really has helped too. My goal for the rest of the year is to do the minimum of 3 blog posts a week. 

The Future 

I am in the midst of planning a new design for my blog, as much as I love how it is now I would love if it was fresh and more chic. In the new year I want to invest in a new camera, I have been using my IPhone 5s for the past year but I think its time for an upgrade. I have my eye on the Olympus pen. I hope to continue blogging as much if not more so next year. As well as considering a move. But of course I will keep you posted.

Above anything else I just want to say a huge Thank you to every single one of you for reading my blog, all of your uplifting and inspiring comments and feedback. I feel a real sense of joy every time I log on and get to connect with you. You really are all so kind and I really appreciate every single one of you! 

Thank you so much! 

Yours Stylishly 

Kerrie x 


Thursday, 19 November 2015

Blogging For Business - Do what you love!

On Sunday I attended the Blogging For Business event with Sinead and Saibh from I was really excited about this event because as you know if you've followed me for a while that I love them. Seriously these girls can do no wrong. This event was a little bit different but it still had the #itwbnBloggerEvent charm. 

The event took place in Galway in the Galway Bay Hotel, located in the heart of Salthill. It is a 4* hotel and has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with gold luxurious interiors. On arrival we were treated to a refreshing and healthy breakfast. We got a choice of smoothies, fruit cocktail kebabs and scones with fresh cream and jam. This event was open to businesses as well as bloggers. Before breakfast as we were waiting for everyone to arrive we got to catch up with everyone as well as meeting new bloggers and business people. 

Joanne Sweeney Burke was the first speaker of the day. Joanne is an author, blogger and co-founder of EdTech startup Webiket. Joanne is also a regular speaker at national and international conferences as well as been a finalist on the TV show The Apprentice. Joanne's blog was named one of Ireland's top marketing blogs by US-based website Search Engine Journal. 

Joanne is an expert when it comes to blogging, marketing and social media. She really does know the industry so well. Here are just some of the topics and advice she gave us:

  • Its what you bring to the party that makes you stand out or that makes your business or blog successful.
  • Find your niche and be an expert in your brand. 
  • Share your experiences.
  • Don't copy anyone. There's a very fine line between being inspired by someone and actually copying them. Stay true to yourself.
  • Be relevant.
  • Add value to peoples lives.
  • Build your brand, nurture it and don't be afraid to change. 
  • You have to be confident and believe in yourself. 
  • Prove yourself to the internet. 
  • Never give up! 

Up next was Robin Chedgey a digital marketing trainer and consultant. Robin is also the key player in the organisation OMIG. This is a non-profit organisation set up as a platform for all things digital marketing related in the west of Ireland. Robin is so passionate and loves what he does and this really showed throughout his talk. Here is a little of what he taught us: 

  • Create contact that you and your readers love.
  • Be passionate about what you're writing and your brand. 
  • Be consistent.
  • Keep working.
  • Don't think about your blog as a business, just do what you love.
  • Engage and commit.
  • Passionately believe in yourself.
  • Do what you love! 

Lunch time!

Micheal Reilly who is the founder, principal developer and tutor and over all 'wiz kid' at Educated Machine taught us about all the 'techie stuff' that comes with blogging. He taught us about different platforms, utilizing social media to promote your blog, plugins, design and much much more. He is so enthusiastic about technology and this was contagious. I am really looking forward to working with him in the future.

Last but by no means least Ciara O'Dohery shared her story with us. She is such a inspiration, so hard working and such a fun loving girl. She shared her story with us about what inspired her to start blogging, what it takes to make it as a career as well as some of the tips and tricks that helped her along the way.

  • Focus on the now.
  • Get yourself out there. 
  • Use your resources.
  • Support yourself.
  • Be organized. 
  • Provide a service. 
  • Never stand still.
  • Share tips.
  • Never go back on your word.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Think of your readers like friends! :)   

Like every #itwbnBloggerEvent I learnt so much and left feeling very motivated and inspired. I have been thinking about redesigning my blog for a while now and after this event I have been doing a lot more research into what I want. I have so many more ideas for blog posts to. I was making separate lists during the day - multitasking at its best. Just when Ciara brought me back down to earth by stating to focus on the now. The blog post your writing right now not the one you have planed for next week - guilty! But we'll get there! 

Yours Stylishly 


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