Monday, 25 July 2016

My Post Workout Pamper Ritual

After my workout in the gym or after a run there is nothing I love more then having a really luxurious relaxing pamper ritual. I think of this as my treat and a little motivation to what I can enjoy once my workout is complete. Not only is a workout strenuous on your muscles but it is also very tough on your skin. This is why I like to take full advantage and make the most out of each and every pamper ritual. Not only is this excellent for your skin it is just as good for your mind as it helps to relax and calm the mind preparing it for the perfect nights sleep so that you can awake fresh and renewed. This is also the time where I get to rummage through my beauty draws and try out new products for that ultimate pamper ritual 


Step 1 As soon as I finish my workout I ensure to drink one large glass of water, no matter how much I have drank that day as water loss increases during exercise. So I make sure that I am always hydrated. 

Step 2 I then brush my teeth and prepare for a mini facial.

Step 3 I begin my facial by using Bioderma Sensibio H20 Cleanser  to remove the top layer of my make up if wearing any and to help cool my face down.

Step 4 I then go in with my favourite cleanser of the moment Moringa Cleansing Balm By Emma Hardie. I can't even tell you how amazing this smells. 

Step 5 I tone my skin using Instant Boost Skin Tonic By Liz Earle  

Step 6 I  exfoliate my skin using Gentle Face Exfoliator By Liz Earle

Step 7 At the moment I am using my Moringa Cleansing Balm By Emma Hardie as a mask as well as I soak in the bath.

Step 8 If I haven't applied a hair mask before hitting the gym I will do so now and then get into the bath.

Step 9 I exfoliate my skin and shave my legs using my favourite products all of which can found on my blog along with my guide to silky smooth legs.  

Step 10 I then wash my hair using shampoo and conditioner. Ensuring to remove all traces of the mask. 

Step 11 Once I am out of the bath and have completely dried myself. I get into the most important part of my post workout routine.The Body Shop created a 'Spa Fit' range which claims to firm, tighten and slim your silhouette while also improving the condition of the skin. That is of course if you are working out religiously as well as using the products. The product contains citrus oils such as orange, lemon and lime. I apply these products to my arms, tummy, bum and thighs. Once applied the gel becomes cold and tingles slightly which is a good indication that it is working. 

Step 12 Once the Spa Fit range has soaked in I like to apply Nourishing Botanical Body Cream By Liz Earle. This smells amazing. It contains a luxurious blend of essential oils including rose, geranium and sweet orange. I  apply this all over my body and let it soak in.

Step 13 Next up is nails I paint my nails with my favourite shade of baby pink and then apply Orange Flower Hand Repair to my hands once my nails are try. 

Step 14 Now on to my favourite step of my post workout ritual. I recently received a lovely gift from none other than Fleur De Sante which included their Global Day & Night Cream and Pro Aqua Essence 3D Skin Hydrating Serum. I apply both of these and my skin feels amazing and so wonderfully hydrated thanks to the serum. I wake up glowing every morning thanks to this simple step. 

Step 15 I complete my ritual with a cup of Chamomile tea, while cuddling Harper and reading The Body Book By Cameron Diaz

What do you do for your post workout ritual? 

Yours Stylishly 

Kerrie x  


Monday, 18 July 2016

Visit | Nox Hotel Galway

My home for the night was pretty amazing. I spent one night in one of Galway's newest and most trendiest hotel's The Nox Hotel . I stayed in a twin room with my friend who is also a fashion blogger, Shona from Sho Style. To say we were excited about the entire collaboration was an understatement. During the summer we had both attended a really cool event in the hotel so we had already experienced a piece of what the hotel had to offer but nothing in this world would have prepared us for what we were about to find out. 

From the moment I arrived to the hotel on Thursday evening there was such a buzz and happy atmosphere. It was the night before the announcement of who would be the European Capital Of Culture so there was such excitement throughout the city. The lobby of the hotel has such a relaxing vibe and is a great place to meet friends for coffee or cocktails. It is open plan, spacious and airy. The seating areas are also organised really well, no matter how busy the hotel gets you wont feel like you are squashed into one little area or in anyone's way. There is also a beautiful seating area outside, the perfect location for a sunny day. 

We didn't realize just how big the hotel was until we made our way to our room. We were on the fourth floor, which again was spacious and airy. The hallways have dark grey decor but are lit with spotlights which gives a really glamorous feel. On arrival to our rooms we were greeted with a welcome pack which included a bottle of processo, a refreshing fruit salad, luxury chocolates and my favourite brand of water Fior Uisce. All of which we really appreciated. 

Our first impression of the room was just how clean it was. There was not one thing out of place and not a speck of dust to be found. The entire hotel was also extremely clean and smelt so fresh. Our room was spacious and modern. There was a double bed and a single bed both dreamy, crisp and white, we just sank right into them. I can honestly say the comfiest hotel bed I have ever slept in. The room had a large window so it was lovely and bright, there was a wide screen TV on the wall, a vanity area to do your make up or to catch up on some emails, plenty of storage space and of course a full length selfie mirror. 

The bathroom was clean and chic. Filled with clean fluffy towels, hand wash, shampoo and conditioner. The shower was amazing. It was easy to use, set to the perfect temperature and had plenty of power. That evening we were feeling rather hungry so we decided to sample some bar food. The staff were extremely busy but still went out of there way to be kind and get us what ever we desired. I decided to have Caesar Salad. Which was so nice, probably one of the best I have had from a hotel. 

The next morning we arose feeling extremely relaxed and refreshed. We both agreed that it was the best nights sleep we had in a long time. The hotel prides themselves as specializing in superior beds with cozy duvets. After we finished getting ready we went downstairs to the restaurant. It was a buffet breakfast which consisted of fresh orange juice, infused water, herbal teas, tea, coffee, full Irish breakfast, croissants and pancakes. I choose pancakes of course which were made with the hotels very own pancake machine. 

Check out was at noon. So after we sadly packed our belongs we made our way downstairs to the hotel lobby. We spent an hour or so chatting and exploring the hotel before going for lunch in the hotel restaurant. Again there was so much choice on the lunch menu. I decided to try the Club Sandwich which consisted of grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise served on ciabatta bread with a side portion of chips and salad. It was delicious. We were then served Blueberry Mocktails which were so nice and very refreshing. We then went on to have dessert. We both decided on cheese cake. I opted for strawberry while Shona opted for lemon.

It was just before this that the announcement had been made that Galway was now Europe's Capital Of Culture. You can just imagine the excitement. Everyone was so excited and filled with joy. The chef was also thrilled with the results and decorated our cheesecakes by writing Galway 2020 in Nutella. The cheese cakes were light as air and so refreshing for after a meal. 

The staff at The Nox Hotel were amazing, friendly, kind, helpful and willing to go out of their way to make sure you enjoyed every minute of your stay. A huge Thank You must be given to the amazing team for providing us with such a pleasant experience. I will definitely be visiting again soon. 

To book yourself  in to this stunning hotel or for more information visit 

Yours stylishly 

Kerrie x     

*This post is in collaboration with The Nox Hotel but all opinions are my own. 


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Styling The Satin Bomber Jacket

The most sort after piece of this season was of course the satin bomber jacket. It was an item I had my eye on for quite a while but was uncertain to how well it would fair out in my extremely girly wardrobe. Kylie Jenner could pull it off so effortlessly. Looking super cool and really working that sport luxe trend. I loved the idea of this jacket the perfect item for the transitioning seasons and something to throw on as the evenings became chillier. 
But I still wasn't fully convinced until I saw Olivia Palermo rocking the tend with her signature classic but feminine style. I decided to take the plunge and invest.

Staying true to your own sense of style is so important when trying to build that perfect wardrobe. It is so easy to be taken in by the trends that are here and now without knowing if you really love it. When I started to search for my bomber the khaki ones were poping up everywhere.  As beautiful as they are I do think that they are a bit to 'Kylie Jenner' for me so I decided to look back at my colour palette and for anyone who knows me will know that it's cream and blush. 

It was love at first sight when I came across this one. I was suddenly filled with so much outfit inspiration I couldn't leave it behind. The satin is so soft with a beautiful sheen that gives it such a feminine vibe and feels so luxurious to wear. To say I am happy with my purchase it an understatement, as I want to wear it every day and it makes me so happy to look at it. 

How do you style your bomber jacket? If you have any suggestions I would love if you could comment below. 

Yours Stylishly 

Kerrie x 

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Monday, 11 July 2016

My Guide To Silky Smooth Legs

I feel like I start every beauty or skin care related blog post with the fact that I suffered with extremely sensitive skin growing up. As everyone else who has suffered will know that it does consume a huge portion of your life which makes finding the perfect product that wont harm or irritate your skin that much more exciting. 

Hair removal was also a huge issue. Not only was finding the prefect shaving foam troublesome but finding a razor was an other challenge. I tried waxing when I was in college but that didn't suit either. I was willing to try anything. Even those exfoliating pads which are like sand paper but they left a burning sensation on my skin. 

It has only been in the last few months where I have been 100% happy with the products I am using and the routine I created. My biggest pet peeve is dry, rough skin on my legs. So the goal has always been to find a product that would make them silky smooth without causing irritation and thankfully I have found just that.

My Routine

a. Daily cleansing is a must for achieving silky smooth skin. Be that showering or a bubble bath using your favourite shower cream such as the Ted Baker Pink Body Wash for the ultimate pamper session. 

b. Exfoliation is the second step to this process and probably one of the most important. I exfoliate everyday in the shower ensuring to remove all traces of dead skin cells from my skin. I start with my feet and work my way up being particular gentle to delicate areas such as my decolletage and hands. I use exfoliating scrub gloves with my favourite moisturizing shower cream or exfoliator.  

c. Hair removal this used to be such a chore and a painful process at that. But now using my trusty Gillette Venus Proskin Sensitive Razor 5 Comfort Blades along with Gillette Satin Care With A Touch Of Olay Vanilla Cashmere Shave Gel it is a process I look forward to and enjoy. 

d. Moisturize. Using a good quality moisturizer is so important for locking in moisture after shaving your legs. I often find that if I skip this process my skin becomes irritated and extremely dry so I slather as much of the product as  possible all over my legs and let it soak in leaving my legs silky smooth.

I really hope you picked up some tips and tricks throughout this post and if you have any of your own I would love to hear all about them. 

Yours Stylishly 

Kerrie x 

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Pop Of Pink At Bellissimo In Aid Of Breast Cancer Research

On Friday I attended the #PopOfPink charity fundraiser event in aid of Breast Cancer Research  at Bellissimo hair and beauty emporium in Galway organised by Sinead Carroll founder of itwbnIrish Blogger Agency  and Mini Media. I met with my friend who is also a blogger Jenny from Style Sanctuary  before hand so we could go to the event together. Bellissimo has the most beautiful white interiors and is probably one of the prettiest salon's I have ever been in and on the day they added touches of pink with a pink carpet leading into the event, pink balloons and displays and accessories. 

The event kicked off with healthy juices and snacks sponsored by Little Pea Juices. The juices were delicious and so refreshing. We also got to try little tubes of fruit and coconut yogurt. The first 30 people to attend the event were gifted #PopOfPink goody bags that consisted of System Professional shampoo, Physicians Formula  lip gloss, two Wet'n'Wild lip glosses and a voucher to use in Bellissimo. 

A number of local designers and businesses were very generous and sponsored spot prizes on the day. The first prize was a beautiful hat by award winning milliner Suzie MahonyThe G HotelThe Connacht HotelBlacoeTribetonEye CinemaAnthony RyansCappagh StoresStuff 4 CakesTreats and Trinkets and Cocoa Brown also sponsored gifts for the raffle.

Dolores from Irish Health Hour pampered us with the most wonderful Aroma Hand Massage while some of the team at Bellissimo treated us to the prettiest pink polish. The kids were also in for a treat as face painting was also available throughout the event. 

The event was so fun, I had a really good time. It was really lovely to see how many people came to show their support and how much work both Sinead and the team at Bellissimo put in to organize such a successful event.

Yours stylishly 

Kerrie x 


Friday, 1 July 2016

My Favourite Victoria's Secret Hand And Body Cream For Summer

During a shopping trip to London last spring my friends and I couldn't resist checking out the Victoria's Secret store on Bond Street. We spent hours there, making our way through the five floors. We covered every single inch of the entire store before making our way to the til with our favourite items. Of course no shopping trip to Victoria's Secrets is complete without sampling some of the body mists and body butters. I can honestly say we tried them all but for me my favourite had to be 'Pure Seduction'. I bought two body creams and one body mist. The body mist is now empty but I used to leave it in my gym bag for after I worked out. It was like a little reward every time.

Reasons why I love it...

1. The packaging is so beautiful. To be honest when I bought the body creams I didn't intend on using them as I thought they were a bit of a novelty and maybe the best ingredients weren't used in them and I'd be left with the awful scent of artificial rose. But because I loved how pretty they looked I thought I would use them as decor in my beauty room.

2. The scent is so fruity and girly. Its like summer in a bottle. Normally I wouldn't go for strong fruity scents as I am much more a 'Pomegranate Noir'  by Jo Malone girl or 'Si' by Giorgio Armani but this ticks all the boxes for me. Its fun and playful. The scent lasts all day and it's quite uplifting. I know this particular scent can be a bit over powering for some people but I love it. 

3. The product itself is the main reason why I love this and so it should be. It is so rich and hydrating. My skin is left feeling extremely moisturized as soon as I used it. I love using it after shaving when my skin needs it the most and it dries in quickly so I don't have to wait to long before I can get dressed.   

Have you used any of the Victoria's Secret beauty products? If you have, I would love to know which one's your favourite! 

Yours Stylishly 

Kerrie x 

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