Monday, 29 February 2016

The Body Confidence Series - Week 1

 Its the first week of 'The Body Confidence Series' and I am so excited. There's nothing like waking up, working out and really looking after yourself. Its a real sense of achievement and we should feel really proud of ourselves. Last week was all about assessing our bodies and setting goals in order to enhance what our mamma's gave us. So this week is all about getting into a routine and finding out what works best in order to help us achieve those goals. We need to remember that this is a lifestyle change and not a diet. So making small positive changes daily will have a huge impact in the future. Its like goal setting, visualizing the long term goal and then breaking it up into shorter term goals and working towards them ever single day. 


When listing my goals last week I mentioned that I wanted to start practicing mindfulness and meditation. I bought the book The Untethered Soul and am currently working my way through it. It is really deep but I highly recommend reading it if you are any way interested in mindfulness or learning about how the mind works.

Inner Beauty

I need to increase my water intake. I usually drink little all day and then become really thirsty at night. I need to get into the habit of sipping water gradually throughout the day. I love green juices as crazy as that sounds but have been slacking as of late so having a green juice every second morning is a priority for me. I also want to increase my fruit and vegetable intake and look up new interesting recipes. 

Outer Beauty 

My workout focus for this week is my tummy. Last year I downloaded a free app - Ab Challenge. It was really good and helped me to tone up. It is really handy for days that you are unable to attend the gym or a class as you don't need any equipment. I always felt guilty when I missed a day so it motivated you to keep going. I will also be including my own two ab circuits - My Current Ab Routine  and My At Home Ab Routine. These include my favourite core exercise as well as the ones I find most effective. I also want to improve my squat game and increase my cardio. I dislocated my knee a few years ago so I take my time and ensure that I am careful when doing squats as it is really painful if I over do it. Four Weeks To Toned Cheeks is an other circuit I put together to help work that booty. I will also be including this in my workout this week as well as increasing my cardio by walking for one hour everyday. If you can are starting out with cardio you can checkout my post - Fit Chicks Guide To Getting Started With Cardio.

What are your healthy lifestyle plans for this week? If you have any healthy recipes or more workout ideas I'd love to hear them and if you have any suggestions for blog post you can leave them in a comment below too. 

Thanks so much for reading!

Yours Stylishly 

Kerrie x   


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Designer Pieces Worth Investing In

In my free time I am constantly browsing the internet looking at all of my favourite online stores looking for style inspiration, visualizing different looks and carefully picking out statement pieces that are comfortable yet stylish that will take me from day to night. Growing up I had can extreme case of impulse buying and a shopaholic streak. This all came to a halt when getting invited to events, special occasions or even nights out or dinners with friends I realized  have all of these clothes and shoes but I had nothing to wear. I think this is something we have all suffered with at one time or an other especially in our teens when our main focus was on figure hugging dresses and short shorts. I don't know about you but I am so glad my fashion sense has changed since then. Lately as I was spring cleaning my wardrobes I realized I what my problem was, Every time I go shopping I pick up random items that I like the colour or material but I never think about what I have to pull an outfit perfectly together. So one of my many New Years Resolutions was to only shop investment, versatile pieces. That doesn't always mean designer but there's no harm in knowing what's out there...

Tailored Coats 

Colour blocking is definitely high in the style stakes this spring summer as seen in London Fashion Week and making its way into the high street. You will be bang on trend wearing this wool and cashmere tailored coat from Karen Millen. Not only is it super soft and comfortable it is the perfect piece to brighten up any look. This coat would be gorgeous over an all black or all white outfit or mixing creams and nudes. 


I love wearing scarves. Not only are they warm and practical the are the perfect accessory to pull an outfit together, to break the outfit up if you are wearing all black or to dress or brighten up an outfit. You can even tie on your handbag to customize it and make it your own. Farfetch have a huge range of Burberry scarves with all different styles of check, suitable for everyone.

Leather Jeans 

I bought leather jeans in New Look about two years ago. At the time they seemed so different to anything that I would usually wear and I didn't think I would wear them much maybe for a night out or something but boy was I wrong. I wear them nearly every day. Wash them and put them back on again. I would serious consider investing in a better quality pair. This goes for jeans too. I think every girl deserves at least one pair of really good jeans. I found a brand called Citizens Of Humanity in Selfridges. They do the most amazing leather pants. The picture doesn't even do them justice. I think when you get so much wear out of them they are worth the investment. 

Timeless Pieces  

A statement watch is something I am always attracted to out of every single jewelry piece. I think they are a classic and they finish off every outfit. There is something really luxurious about having a statement watch. Its nice to treat yourself to that one watch that makes you feel proud every time it catches your eye. I love this white and gold one by Michael Kors. It would look gorgeous with a tan over summer. 


Handbags really are my guilty pleasure. I just love them and find myself wandering into designer stores dreaming of one day owning my own. This one by Givenchy ticks all the boxes for me. Its chic and stylish but still a timeless classic. Its available from and they ship world wide.


I love high heels and I love how they make your legs look but I can't deal when they start hurting my feet. I bought the dupe version of the studded Valentino's in Dunnes Stores and I love them but I think if I was buying designer shoes I would buy a more wearable pair. That's why I think these ones are perfect! They are available in Brown Thomas.

What designer pieces do you think are worth investing in? 

Yours Stylishly

Kerrie x 



Monday, 22 February 2016

The Body Confidence Series - Assessment Day & Goal Setting

Today I am very excited to announce as promised the official launch of 'The Body Confidence Series'. Last year I created the 'Fit & Fabulous Series', which I created to not only motivate and help you guys reach your health and fitness goals but also to motivate myself too. I knew I couldn't give up and let you down with so many of you watching. I really enjoyed the series and loved planing posts and hearing all your feedback so I really hope you enjoy this series as much as last year. It is 15 weeks until the first of June so I am going to make this series longer and run it until then. Focusing on eating healthy meals and workouts that will make us feel a little bit more body confident. 

Body confidence is something we all want and should have but only a few really have it. We are constantly comparing ourselves to models and celebrities with what we consider to be the perfect shape when really they are probably feeling just as self conscious as we are. One of my main aims with this series is to feel confident in my own skin. Every summer I go out and buy the prettiest bikinis I can find but never wear them. So that is my goal for this year. I am not going to weigh my self or measure certain areas to see how much I have lost. Instead I want to focus on how I'm feeling on the inside and how it makes me feel about the outside. 

When I was younger I was convinced that if I was this certain weight or certain size in clothes I would be happy. I got to that weight and am now the size in clothes I always wanted to be and I'm still not happy, because I've been eating rubbish, not exercising as much as I would like to and my sleep patterns are all over the place. I don't want to go through life waking up tired and cranky craving coffee and then lacking in motivation all day only to disappoint myself when I don't reach my goals. So this is what this series is all about - living a more positive and healthy lifestyle.

Assessment Day - 22/02/2016

Being healthy isn't just about your body its also about your mind. I want to practice being mindful and meditation and focus on having a more positive outlook on life, being grateful and happy.

My hair is dry and my skin is dehydrated - Increase water, fruits and veggie intake.

My arms, lower tummy and hips have a little to much jiggle on them - Look up more exercises to target those areas and improve diet. 

I love weight training but cardio is where I fall down. I would love to run at least 5k without stopping before summer. 

Body Confidence Goals 

Start each morning with a cup of hot water and a slice of lemon.

Increase my water intake to 2/3 liters a day. 

Eat as clean as possible during the week but if I have a meeting or event where there's not as healthy options available don't allow myself to feel guilty. 

Meditate for five minutes every day. 

Workout for at least one hour 5/6 times a week.

I downloaded a running app called '5k Runner' which I will mix and match with my workouts daily so that I am increasing my cardio while still toning up.

Its all about taking baby steps so I am going to be working through this list from now until summer and then have an other assessment day to see what's working and what's not. I would love if you could follow along and we can all become body confident together. I created a group on facebook which you can feel free to join - The Body Confidence Series by Bella and Vogue which will act as my healthy eating diary so you can see everything I'm eating daily which maybe even give you a few ideas too.

I really hope you enjoy this series and if you have any questions or suggestions for future post's please let me know on any of my social media accounts or by commenting below. I'd love to hear from you! 

Here's to a healthy and happy week! 

Yours stylishly

Kerrie x 

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Monday, 15 February 2016

Starting Your Health And Fitness Journey

Happy Motivational Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's weekend. Today I am back with a few tips and tricks on starting out with your new healthy lifestyle. I get asked a  lot of health and fitness related questions here on my blog which really inspires me to write posts that I know that you will be interested in and one of the questions that pops up most frequently is "how do I start my new healthy lifestyle or fitness regime?" This is such brilliant question and something that I never really thought about until I was asked. So I sat down and had a good think about how I got into fitness in the first place and how every time I've fallen off the band wagon how have I got back up again. So today I am going to share some of the things that have helped me and a little motivation too. 

1. What is the reason you want to lose weight, tone up or improve your eating habits?

Do you want to lose weight so you can feel confident, happy and more comfortable in you own skin? Do you have a holiday booked so you want to tone up so you can look good in a bikini? Is your skin suffering with breakouts so you want to improve you eating habits to see will that help or is there something more serious like a health scare so you need to live a better lifestyle. Whatever your reason for wanting to lose weight is sit down and write it out. When you see written down what you want most you will work harder in order to achieve what you want.

2. Plan 

Now that you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve make a plan of how you are going to achieve that goal. For example if its that you want to improve you eating habits do some research online to see what healthy recipes are out there or invest in a good cook book I recently bought 'Eat Yourself Beautiful' By Rosanna Davison which is filled with vegan recipes but you can mix the recipes up to suit your own dietary needs. Find the recipes you like and write out the list of ingredients that you will need. Once you have your list made go shopping and get everything you need. Once you have everything you need once or twice a week meal prep and get organized. 
The same goes for starting a new fitness regime, do your research. You can look up personal trainers and follow their workouts, find a gym in you local area and see what they have to offer or even purchase a workout DVD. Which ever option is best for you. Sitting down and breaking your goal into smaller steps make it a lot more achievable. Say you want to lose 10 lbs if you lose 2 lbs a week you can do it in 5 weeks. Planning is essential if you want to be successful. 

"Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!" 

3. Just Do It!

As the Nike logo says 'Just Do It'. The thought of eating healthy and working out can sometimes be a bit intimidating but its not going to get any easier the longer you put it off. Once you start eating healthy and working out regularly you will feel amazing and you will wonder why you didn't start sooner and once you see results it will start to become an addiction. Believe me I have fallen off the band wagon more times than I can count but its not about how many times you fall its about how many times you get back up.  

4.  Believe in yourself 

Before you begin your very first workout or go for your first run have a little talk with yourself telling yourself that you can do it and you can do anything you want for that matter. Everything starts in the mind good and bad so block out all those voices telling you that you can't and prove to yourself that you are more than capable of completing that workout and much much more truth be told. We all have wobbles and self doubts from time to time but this is what makes us stronger. 

5. Excitement 

Don't think of this as been a negative experience that you have to stop eating the wrong foods as much and working out a little bit more than you did before. Think of it as this amazing opportunity that has been giving to you and how fortunate you are that you have the ability to not only change your body, improve your skin, increase you fitness level but also to change you entire life if you so wish. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any suggestions on staying motivated and starting a new fitness regime you can comment below to let me know. Next week will officially be the return of a new fitness series which has been highly requested. I am so excited! 

Yours stylishly 

Kerrie x 

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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Best Hotels In The West Of Ireland For A Valentine's Getaway

Whether you are going away with your boyfriend or a girls spa trip away the west of Ireland hotel's have so much to offer. Here are my favourite resorts for that perfect weekend break.

Image c/o - Ashford Castle  

Ashford Castle is definitely one of the most luxurious destinations in Ireland. Whether you are staying for the weekend in one of the gorgeous rooms or suites, attending afternoon tea or an ultimate spa treat Ashford Castle  is worth a visit surrounded with acres of the most picturesque views and minutes away from the charming little village Cong. 

You can make a reservation or book a voucher -  here

Image c/o - Ashford Castle

Image c/o Ashford Castle

Image c/o Ice House Hotel 

The Ice House Hotel in Ballina is definitely the most stylish and chic hotel in Co. Mayo. With its modern interiors yet elegant and homely feel it is the perfect place for a stylish getaway. It has a super cool vibe throughout with amazing views that you can enjoy from the comfort of the outdoor hot tube. There is really something for everyone in this hotel from food to die for, outdoor activities along the Wild Atlantic Way not forgetting about indulging in the 4* luxurious  Chill spa. 

You can make your reservation or purchase a voucher -  here 

Image c/o - Ice House Hotel

Image c/o Ice House Hotel 

Image c/o The House Hotel

Famous for its super stylish cocktail's and chic interiors The House Hotel  is the perfect location for a weekend getaway. Located in the heart of Galway its the perfect opportunity to explore the city. The House Hotel  is also a great place for special occasions, birthday's and hen parties. A good night out is always promised. The House Hotel also serves delicious food and afternoon tea. Not to mention the beautifully designed rooms and suites with Orla Kiely amenities. You are spoiled from the moment you arrive. The House Hotel really can't be faulted. 

You can make your reservation or purchase a voucher - here 

Image c/o The House Hotel

Image c/o The House Hotel

The Castle Court Hotel  is a popular wedding destination in the west of Ireland which is the type of place that is also suitable for Sunday lunch with all the family. It is very homely with a relaxed atmosphere. There is a Leisure Cantre and separate spa. So you can get your workouts in and then indulge in Spa Sula . During the day you can explore Westport town while also enjoying some outdoor activities such as a walk or cycle along the Green Way . At night there are a lot of traditional Irish bars and cosmopolitan restaurants and of course the hotel has a late night bar or night club Castle Late Night Venue

You can make your reservations or purchase a voucher here

Image c/o Castle Court Hotel 

Image c/o Castle Court Hotel 

The Harlequin Hotel  is a boutique style hotel located in Castlebar town center. It is situated beside the Royal Theatre  which is Mayo's Concert Venue. The Harlequin Hotel is stylish and chic and in my opinion is not given as much credit as it is due. Its Exectutive Suite  has facilities such as hypos beds to ensure the perfect nights sleep. Beautiful and luxurious rooms aren't all this hotel has to offer. From afternoon tea and private dining it is the perfect place for a valentines treat. 

You can make your reservation or purchase a voucher here

Image c/o The Harlequin Hotel 

Yours stylishly 

Kerrie x 

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Healthy Living Tips For Glowing Skin

Flawless glowing skin is something we all desire but unfortunately no matter what luxurious lotions and potions we use will give us the desired result if our diet isn't right. I've learnt this the hard way dealing with eczema for my entire life. Looking after your body on the inside will in turn make you look and feel good about the outside.

Beautiful skin starts with a healthy lifestyle. Genetics determines how your skin looks, behaves and ages but we can improve the condition and appearance by really looking after it. Skincare basics include eating clean nutritious food, drinking plenty of water, exercising, getting enough sleep, protecting your skin from sun, not smoking and limiting your intake from both caffeine and alcohol. But lets look into each of these factors a little deeper. 


Nutrition is extremely important for good skin, as you skin cells are continually being replaced your skin is relying on the intake of vitamins, minerals and hydration. 'ACE' vitamins are very important for healthy skin. 

A - Prevents Aging 
C - Promotes Clarity 
E - Protects against Environmental damage 

Vitamin A and C are most important for healthy skin. Biotin is another nutrient needed for healthy skin, hair and nails. Sometimes identified as vitamin H and is part of vitamin B Complex. 

Beauty Vitamins 

Vitamin A - Antioxidant essential for the growth and renewal of new skin cells. Tropically applied may boost collagen production and promote skin cell turnover. 

Vitamin B - Increases fatty acids in the skin promoting exfoliation and firmness. 

Vitamin C - Building block of collagen, the protein that gives skin its structure tone and elasticity. 

Vitamin D - Essential for the development of skin cells. 

Vitamin E - Antioxidant that helps build and maintain healthy skin tissue. 

Fat - Fat is also an important nutrient for the skin and the health of the whole body. It is necessary for supple skin and soft shiny hair. 


Exercise raises the heart rate increasing the blood flow bring more oxygen to the skin and cleanses impurities from the body. I also boosts your mood making you look and feel amazing! 

Beauty Sleep 

Sleep is the time when your skin cells get the chance to repair and regenerate. Sleep deprivation stresses the bodies system's including the skin and can result in headaches, irritability, lack of energy, or inability to focus. The skin becomes less elastic and prone to breakouts.


Stress can really show on your skin. Stress and hormonal fluctuations can cause adult acne and other skin problems. Eating healthy and regular exercise can help to combat stress but it is important if there is an underlying problem to talk to someone or seek help.  

Yours stylishly 

Kerrie x 

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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tips For Staying Hydrated For Spring

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated. We hear it at every twist a turn we make. We also know how hard it can be at times, especially in the colder months. An ice cold glass of water really doesn't seem that appealing. Even drinking it at room temperature can be a struggle. As most of you will know I studied Aesthetics in college so I know only to well how important it is to stay hydrated throughout the day. Not only does your skin need it but your organs too in order to function properly. 

Beauty benefits 

= Drinking enough water daily provides your skin with a supply glowing complexion

- Cleanses your system by flushing out toxins

- Pore size lessens 

- Wrinkles appear less noticeable

- Acne and breakouts can be reduced 

- Skin appears brighter 

- Increases brain power

- Aids in weight loss

- Increases Energy 

- Enables you to workout better and longer    

How to stay hydrated 

Make your regular glass of water more exciting by infusing it with delicious fruit or vegetables like lemon, cucumber or mint 

Make a big pot of your favourite herbal tea, let it go cold and pop it in the fridge over night and drink it throughout the following day

Being organised is also important . Always make sure to carry a bottle with you. There is nothing worse than getting caught some where when you are without

Try to eat fruit and vegetables with a high water intake such as raspberries, pineapple, watermelon and cranberries. 

If its freezing out and you can't bare the thought of something cold try drinking water warm with a slice of lemon. It is less harsh this way. 

Yours stylishly 

Kerrie x 

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Monday, 1 February 2016

#KissGoodbyeToMS Campaign

Today marks the first day of a month long campaign in support of #KissGoodbyeToMS ( The campaign started in Australia and has been extremely successful over the last number of years. MS Ireland along with 7 other MS Organisations throughout the world are encouraging the public to 'Kiss Goodbye To MS' and raise money for vital research into the cause and cure of Multiple Sclerosis.  The funds will also be used to support essential services for the 9000+ people living with MS locally in Ireland. 

This is the first year the campaign will be running in Ireland and I am so happy to be involved. Sara Donaldson from the fashion blog Harper and Harley , dedicated an entire month on her blog to the campaign. I thought this was such a good idea so I am going to do the same.That means 29 posts coming your way with a variety of beauty, fashion, fitness and well being. I want to do my very best to raise as much awareness as I can. 

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease within the central nervous system. It effects the nerve impulses within the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. Affecting how the brain is able to communicate with the rest of the body. Sadly this is becoming more common at a younger age, with the disease being diagnosed in the early 30's and as young as 20. 

I would love if you could get involved too, in any way you can. Follow the social media hashtag #kissgoodbyetoms, wear red lipstick or something red, take a selfie and donate €4 by texting 'smooch' to 50300. Don't forget to share with your friends and dare them to wear red and donate too. You can also get involved sharing these post's with your friends and family! Your support means everything! 

Love always 

Kerrie x  
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