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New Year, New You: How to make your resolutions last!

How to make your New Year Resolutions last!

Hi Beauties!

Happy New Year! :) So it's officially New Years Eve, can you believe it! 2014 went so fast I feel like the weeks have just flown by. It feels like it was only summer yesterday! I love this time of year its such an exciting time filled with hope and joy. I'm sure most people are getting ready to go out and celebrate, this year I have decided to stay in and celebrate with my family! :) But before I go ahead and do that I wanted to share a quick blog post on "How to make your resolutions last!" I make resolutions every year but I think this was the year that I conquered most of them One of them was actually to start a blog as I love reading blogs and have always dreamed of owning one of my own. I started one at the end of October/November kind of on a whim it was called "Miss Kerrie Burke" I was consistent on it for a while but I was just new to blogging and I didn't really know where I was heading with it, and then I didn't put much thought into the name. I took a break from blogging for a while and then I came up with the  name "Bella and Vogue" for this blog. I love the name of this blog Beauty and Fashion two of my favorite things. I started this in December! Better late than never! One of my New Years Resolutions is to be more consistent with my blogging. I will post my New Years Resolutions tomorrow in a full blog post as well as that I am going to be bringing all of my wonderful readers along with me on a massive health and fitness kick. From tomorrow on I will post my health and fitness motivation tips and tricks, what workouts I am doing daily, What I Wore - Gym Edition ( part of my obsession with going to the gym and working out is because the cute workouts clothes they have now,I won't lie!) Anyway that will all be coming tomorrow so stay tuned! Now without further a due here are a few tips on how to make your resolutions last all year long! :) 

1. Firstly you must decide what resolutions you should make that will change you for the better. Make them measurable. What I mean by this is don't be like okay I want to lose weight so i'm going to cut out wheat, dairy, carbs, fat, sugar and run ten miles everyday as well as go to the gym and drink loads of water and go to pilates! Take small steps and keep working to where to want to be. 

2. Write your goals down and have them displayed in  a place where you can see them daily. I am going to write mine out and with a nice pen on pretty paper and pin it to my inspiration board where I can see them every morning when I wake and every night when I go to bed. This year I want to be a more positive person so I am going to stick pretty heart shaped post-its on my make-up mirror and dressing table with positive quotes on them. 

3. Keep a journal - Tomorrow I am going to start a new journal, I am going to write down everything I'm grateful for everyday, and at the end of the week I can reflect back on all the things that make be happy and grateful. I think this will also motivate me to work harder towards my goals. 

4. Make an inspiration board. When my Mum first told my about this I thought she was mad and a bit weird but I was very wrong. When I was in college I was going through a stressful time with studying, case studies, exams and house mates... I started having anxiety attacks and my whole face broke out in eczema because I was so stressed. I read the book The Secret and I made a inspiration board as the book reminded me of what my Mum had told me. Anyway, I made the board, put a picture of the qualification I would receive when I passed my exams I would look at it every morning when I got up and every night going to bed, I passed all of my exams with flying colors. I than put a picture of the place where I wanted to work on the board and guess what, I still work there!! ;) And I love it!

5. I am going to post my resolutions on here, so that you dear reader can hold me accountable and call me out on anything I start to slack on! :) 

So there you have my top tips on "How to make your resolutions last!" I hope they help!

Happy New Years Eve and I will be back tomorrow with my Gymbunny/Health Kick serious and my 2015 resolutions! Its been a good year guys! Thank you!

Lots of Love

Kerrie Anne

Bella and Vogue x 


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