Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year, New You Inspiration!

New Year, New You Inspiration!

As I sat down and set my self up to start blogging about my New Years Resolutions I came across Suzanne Jackson's blog -, one of her bloggers Samantha Gibbons had posted a really motivating post about New Years Resolutions, you can read the full post on the website, its called "New Year, New You!"  Reading Samantha's post really struck a cord with me because I really am a dreamer underneath it all. 

When I was in my leaving cert and it came time for us all to be filling out our CAO forms, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Everyone else was looking at universities and wanted to be teacher's doctors or nurses but none of these professions interested me. I am a people person and was always interested in Beauty and Fashion, when I met with my career guidance teacher she tried to put be off the idea because she didn't think I would get a secure job - I can be very stubborn at times and when she said this to me it really annoyed me at the time (I was 18 and very immature and held a little grudge with her until I finished school! That grudge has now gone! Haha!) I stuck with my decision and went to college in Limerick, I did a two year course and loved ever minute of it. I am now a fully qualified self-employed Beauty Therapist and Make Up Artist and I know I am secure because I'm doing it for my self and when working for yourself you will work harder then if you are working for someone else. 

Anyway the point I want to make is to take chances and don't follow the crowd, do whats right for you, work hard, dream big and don't take no for an answer. Set goals and work your ass off until you achieve everything you want and if your not happy make a change! 

2015 I'm ready!

Happy New Year Guys! 

Lots of Love 

Kerrie Anne 

Bella and Vogue x


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