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56 Central | The most stylish restaurant in town

Hi Everyone! 

As most of you will know I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the most exciting blogger events in Galway with the most amazing blogging network - Into The West Blogger Network . I have attended loads of events since joining this network and have loved every single one of them. I always leave feeling so inspired and feel like I can take on the world. I'm sure I'm not the only blogger from this network that feels this way! 

As soon as I got the invite for this event I was so excited but also a little nervous as this event seemed different to any other. The event was last Friday night in 'the most stylish restaurant in town' -  Yes! You guessed it - 56 Central . I knew we were in for a big treat, not only from all of the outstanding reviews I've heard about this restaurant but because I was so lucky to have won a voucher during an #ITWBN Twitter Party earlier this year for 37 West37 West is 56 Central's sister restaurant. You can read my review from my fabulous lunch at 37 West here. Thank you so much again guys! :)

56 Central  and 37 West  are both owned by a wonderful lady called Gill Carroll. 37 West was Gill's first baby and it is located in Newcastle. 56 Central is located in the heart of Galway city center. I was running a few minutes late for this event so I was a little panicked running up Shop St. I hate being late but as soon as I arrived I was but at ease and felt so welcome. I had to stop to take a photo of this sign which was out side the restaurant, welcoming the #itwbn family. 

To Cute! 

As I was walking up the stairs I could hear all the chatter from the 'Into The West Bloggers' and knew they were having a good time. I was greeted by a lovely member of staff who immediately brought me over to Saibh from Wild Cosmia and one of the leading ladies of Into The West Blogger Network. The staff are just one of the reasons why 56 Central is so amazing. They are so friendly and super helpful. Their standards are 10/10! The evening started with a cocktail reception, where Elderflower Prosecco was served along with jugs of water which contained slices of oranges and mint - so refreshing! Gill welcomed us and talked about the design and decor and her inspirations behind 56 Central.

Photo credit: Julia Puchovska Love Joules

I can honestly say this place is so stylish. So much thought and effort as gone into every aspect of the business. As you enter 56 Central you will see a giant heart which has two pumps each pump sends blood around our body the blood line is represented by a continuous line around the building into all the rooms reflecting: 

1. The Garden - nature 
2. The Site - food 
3. The Art Room - Art & Culture
4. The Vault - people love & connection

We were in 'The Art Room' which was perfect for a bunch of creative bloggers! 

Photo Credit: Julia Puchovska Love Joules 

A Taste of 56 Central & Bubbles 


Elderflower Processo Cocktail on arrival.

Collerans mince beef burgers on Jeremy Les Petit Doucher mini brioche buns with ballymaloe relish.

56 Central homemade gluten free bread, 56 Central baked ham from Castlemine butcher Lizzi's piccalilli.

Sausage sliders made from Castlemaine Meat with Loughrea honey and The Lodge Barna's Prosecco and Tarragon Mustard.

56 Central Cuinneog buttermilk Chicken.

Spicy Potato Bravas.

Galway Goat Farm Goatscheese with beetroot piccalilli and garnishes.

Mini fish cakes tartare and caper made with Alis Fish Market Fish.

Naturally Gluten Free Nacho canapes from Blanco Nino (Little Ass Buritto). 

Sweet selection from Sugar & Spice - Mini mint areo, mini Oreo, caramel, mini brownie & mallows. 

The food was to die for and we couldn't pick our favourite dish. Every dish that we tried was nicer than the next. We were truly spoiled.  

The crew wear t-shirts saying 'Grateful' as they are truly grateful for having 56 Central! I loved this idea! Gratitude is the only thing that will bring more into your life and as I sat there in these amazing surroundings with the most amazing bloggers. It got me thinking of how grateful I am that I started blogging, I have met the nicest genuine people and been given a lot of cool opportunities as well as getting invited to events like these! I still can't believe how lucky I am! 

56 Central has become known as the breeding ground for successful entrepreneurs like Gill, who come in and work on creative projects and soak up the energy of the art on the walls and the energy from the old Galway wall which holds up the central Processo bar. I can completely see why they would do that. There is really something so special about this place and I really can't wait to return. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you pop in to 56 Central or 37 West I'd love to hear what you thought. Feel free to contact me on facebook at Bella and Vogue-Blog, instagram at bellaandvogue or twitter at KerrieAnne_ox

Until next time 

Stylishly Yours

Kerrie  x 


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