Monday, 7 March 2016

The Body Confidence Series - Week 2

Happy Motivation Monday! We are back with a bang for week 2 and now it is time to really step it up a notch. Isn't time just flying by. It will be summer before we know it. This series is all about feeling body confident and being happy and healthy. So as mentioned in my 'Assessment Day and Goal Setting', post my tummy area is always my biggest problem area. Well my tummy and my hips I think even if I have one square of chocolate I go up like ten dress sizes no kidding.

 So every week I am going to be working on this area. I am curvy with an hour glass figure and it has only been this year that I have decided that I am going to embrace it. Growing up I was always so self conscious because not only did I have a curvier figure than all of my friends but I am a lot taller too. I've always wished I was shorter because I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. This would put be off wearing heels on a night out. This doesn't bother me any more thankfully. I think as I got older I realized that its not a big deal being tall and now I am the shortest in my family. So the point I am trying to make here is that we are all different and we should just focus on ourselves and find workouts that suit us best. 

On Thursday night I went to a health, beauty and well-being event hosted by the gorgeous Pippa O'Connor. Paula Mee was the nutritionist for the night and she made some really good points one of which was starting small we all put so much pressure on ourselves every New Years Eve, stating all of the changes we want to make and now its March and none of these changes have happened. If this goes for you too don't worry. If you are following along with my body confidence series don't beat yourself up if you had high hopes for last week and it didn't work out as well as you had planed. Forget about it and start a fresh today. Creating new habits are hard enough without beating yourself up about it. So start where you are today and just try to do one thing better every single day.


One of my goals for 2016 was to be more positive. Talking about our problems is an addiction. I know only to well that when something has been bothering me in the past I couldn't stop thinking about it and talking about it but lately I have made some changes by reading self help books and practicing mindfulness. I feel a lot more positive and today I got the most amazing news. So I think that this news is proof that being positive really does work. 

Inner Beauty

I slacked last week on my water intake and green juices. That was down to not being as prepared as I should have been so this week I need to get my act together. I want to look up more recipes and have a more varied diet. I created a group on facebook where I was sharing my meals but figured out I was eating the same foods all the time so this also has to change. I love Matcha Green Tea but this week I added a slice of lemon to my cup in the moring and it is the ultimate game changer. It is so refreshing and I look forward to it when I wake up in the morning. 

Outer Beauty

This week is all about working those curves and really working my lower tummy and hip area. In last weeks post - The Body Confidence Series - Week 1  I shared my own at home ab circuits. So I will be doing them daily. I suffer with a knee injury from a few years going and it sometimes becomes painful but I find walking really helps to loosen it up so this week I will go for a walk for about 1 hr everyday. I want to focus on my strength and flexibility so I will do Pilates at home too.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologies for the lack of post's and my lack of activity on social media. There has been a lot going on the last couple of weeks. I have found it extremely difficult to focus even though I have a notebook full of ideas. Maybe one day I can tell you what has happened but for now I just want to Thank You all so much for your continued support. 

Until next time 

Yours Stylishly 

Kerrie x   

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