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The Beauty Department: The Irish Beauty Show 2015

Irish Beauty Show 2015

Hi Guys! 

How are you all keeping? I hope you are well and are having a good Wednesday! As most of you beauty people know on Sunday and Monday the 8th and 9th of March the annual Irish Beauty Show was on. I have attended this show every year for the last 4 years. I love it. I love getting the chance to dress up and have a day out with the girls and do a bit of shopping and to see what's new. I love getting to meet different brands and seeing what they have to offer. 

On Sunday morning I woke up very early to get all dolled up ahead of the show. Sandra from and I decided we would go together a few weeks ago and have a girly day out. We got the train to Dublin and met two other girls we knew. We laughed for the entire journey so we didn't feel the time going. We arrived to the RDS at around 11:30am. There was a queue ahead of us but we did not have to wait long to get in. There was such a nice buzz when we arrived everyone was so excited and looking forward to what the day would bring. 

My Irish Beauty Show Guest Pass Ticket!

As the day went on it got very busy so it made it hard to get around to all the stands. Sandra and I had looked up the companies who were going to be at the show during the week so we knew the companies we had to see. The first one on both of our lists was Cocoa Brown . I'm sure you all ready know but I'm a big fan of the range. When we got to the stand we met Kate who is PR & Marketing for Cocoa Brown. She is also a blogger and so nice check out her blog here Kate introduced us to Marissa Carter the founder of Cocoa Brown!! This made my day because I love Marissa, I just think she's so cool. She so positive and hard working,  and a true inspiration to me. 

Here is a photo of Marissa and I at the Cocoa Brown stand. She is even more gorgeous in person and the Cocoa Brown stand is so pretty and pink. I bought Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan in the dark shade and Lovely Legs. Lovely Legs is the one product I have never owned from the Cocoa Brown range but my sister has it and I used it so I knew I would like it.

We then went to the Crown Brush stand which was absolutely crazy. There was so many at it you really had to know what you wanted to buy and just work your way up to the Crown Brush girls to tell them what you wanted. I really wanted the Crown Brush Concealer palette, so thankfully they had it in stock. I wanted to get a few brushes too but I will get them online here . Michelle Regazzoli-Stone was also at the Crown Brush Stand doing Carla Jackson's make up the two girls looked fab, unfortunately I couldn't get a good photo because of the crowd but maybe next time.  

We then went to the DreamDots stand where you could buy one box and get the other box free so I got two boxes because I find them really good when you have the odd breakout. The girl who served us name was Lorna and she was so nice and helpful she even told us that you can wear DreamDots during the day under your make up and no one will notice. 

Last but by no means least we met Wendy from Inailz. She is such a doll and her nail company is fab. You can find her facebook page by using the link here There very cool. I got two sets of nails to check out so I will keep  you posted on those. 

We then decided to go for lunch, we decided to have lunch in the city center and then do a little bit more shopping. We walked from the RDS all the way to TGIFridays, (yes, walked). We were dying for some fresh air and there were no taxis at the RDS when we were leaving so we just decided we'ed walk. By the time we got to TGIFridays we were so hungry so we even treated ourselves to very naughty but yummy desserts! 

After this we didn't have much time left for shopping so we had a quick look at the very pretty tulle skirts in River Island the one that stood out to us the most was this very pretty nude/peach one which you can buy here it is actually more of a peach/pink colour in the shop but its still very pretty. 

After this it was time to go, so we made our way back to the train station. We met the two girls we traveled down with and the four of us sat together sharing all we had bought at the show. We were all exhausted but had a brilliant day out. 

Overall I had a really good day at the show and am looking forward to going back next year. Next year I might even do the two days! ;) 

Hope you enjoyed this post girls and if you were at the show too let me know what you thought and what days you went! I would love to know!

Thank you again so much for reading. 

Lots of Love 

Kerrie Anne x 

Bella and Vogue 


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