Monday, 23 November 2015

Beginning your radiance journey

With Christmas fast approaching and our busy lives getting even busier as we reach the crazy festive season. It got me thinking about this time last year and how fast this year has come and gone.Everyone's live's are so busy we barely get a chance to stop and look around us to really appreciate all that we have and what life is really about. I know for sure that I am extremely guilty of this always planning for the future, looking forward to the weekend, holidays or the next big event until its come and gone and I'm back to square one looking forward to the next big thing. Christmas will come and go with a blink of an eye and then we will be thinking of the next big thing 2016 and New Years Resolutions. One of my New Years Resolutions for this year was to get and stay fit and healthy. For the first half of the year I reached my goal but lately I have fallen off the bandwagon but am slowly but surely pulling myself back up again. 

As I sat down reflecting on my goals trying to figure out what has gone wrong it dawned on me - I am not in the right mindset! I have got to caught up in the business of life thinking of all I have to do and all the things stopping me from doing them to actually stop and focus on the here and the down. I started working out and eating healthy to loose weight and look good on the outside this has now in turn evolved into the desire to live a wonderful life. 

You can't live a healthy life if you don't have a healthy mind. I have read many inspirational books teaching me that you have to feed your mind with positive thoughts to attract a positive life. If you have read the book 'The Secret' you will know what I'm talking about. At the moment I am reading 'The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind' by Joseph Murphy. This is very like 'The Secret' but gives your more of an understanding of how your mind actually works and how much control we have over our lives in general. We can really do whatever we want as long as we believe in ourselves. As cheesy as that sounds its true.So instead of waiting for January 2016 I am starting to change my outlook and mindset now in order to live a happy and healthy life. 

I am no where near where I want to be with my fitness and well being but I am making small changes every day and learning a lot as I get there. Here are some of the things that I have learnt and I think they will help you too.


Being grateful for what you have now is the only thing that will bring more into your life. Appreciate the little things and the bigger things will follow. I have a gratitude notebook and every night before I go to bed I write down 10 things I'm grateful for that day.


Throw people's own ignorance myself included has scoffed at the thought of meditating and seen it as something hippies do. I stumbled across Glenn Harrold's hypnotherapy app 'Relax and Sleep Well' one night. I downloaded it and listen to it every night before falling asleep. All my fears and worries vanish and I wake up feeling calm and relaxed. 

Positive minds

"If you think good, good will follow; if you think evil, evil will follow". - The Power Of You Subconscious Mind 

There's 100s of books and quotes out there all about being positive. But at the end of the day its down to the individual to make it happen. I know from my own experience that I will be really good thinking really positive and loads of really good things happen. Then one thing not so great happens and it puts you in a negative mindset. This is something I really need to over come. Negative thoughts are not hurting any one but myself. 

Surround yourself with positive people

Being surrounded with like minded positive people is an amazing support system which will really help to mold you as a person and help you to achieve all you are capable of. Their energies are contagious and they will help you feel excited and more enthusiastic to what life has to offer. I know its not easy when situations and sometimes even people can be negative and try to bring you down. The best way to deal with these situations is to smile and remove yourself  in the politest way possible. 

Wake up with a smile and always look for the silver lining!  


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