Friday, 6 November 2015

Work it for the LBD!

Hi Girls!  

I don't know about you but lately I have totally fallen off the health and fitness band wagon. I injured my knee about 2/3 months ago and have been having trouble with it ever since. I love going to the gym and eating healthy but I think having this injury has knocked my confidence. I've been lacking in motivation and finding it hard to get back to my regular classes. 

I also haven't been eating as good as I should be and feel tired and lacking in energy because of it. With party season right around the corner I really want to up my game and get motivated again. Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels as they say. I think this is very true. No matter what size, weight or shape you are as long as You feel good in your own body, You will look good. So I'm not going to weigh myself or measure or set any target. I going to look for the differences in my clothes rather than worrying about weight loss as well as looking at the physical changes in my skin, hair and nails. I have been suffering with severe breakouts since I've been eating rubbish and have been so self-conscious about my skin. This should be enough motivation to eat clean but if that doesn't work what's better than a new 'LBD' to get me moving! 

There are so many gorgeous 'Little Black Dresses' on the high street and on line already and they really are a staple wardrobe piece. If you are feeling conscious over a specific area or consider it your problem area. I have picked out a few different styles of dresses so we can enhance our areas on show. 

1. Bicep Curl & Tricep Dips 

I think a lot of women are conscious of their arms, especially the tops of them. I know some women avoid bearing them at all costs. But if we start today by focusing on eating healthy and doing a couple simple exercises we will be flashing them in no time. 

Bicep Curl - All you need for this exercise is two dumbbells (whatever weight that suits you), or two water bottles. Standing with your feet hip width apart. With one dumbbell in each hand and palms facing up, squeeze your bicep muscle as you lift it up towards your shoulders. Do 3 reps of 10 exercises. 

Tricep dips - For this exercise you will need a chair or a bench. Standing in front of the bench place your hands behind you on the bench with your legs out in front. You can have your legs bent or out straight in front of you. Lower yourself down to the ground slowly and lift yourself back up using your arms. Do 3 reps of 10 exercises. 

Work those curves. I think this is something every girl should embrace. Take a leaf out of Kimmy K's book and own it, if you've got it flaunt it! 

2. Elbow to knee | Temple Crunch | Leg Drop

Elbow to knee - For this exercise all you will need is a mat. Lie on your back and place your hands on your temples. Lift your knees up into table top position. Lift your head, neck and shoulders off the ground and twist your upper body using your elbow to lead to the opposite knee. Repeat this exercise twisting from side to side moving your legs in and out, keeping them straight and low. 

Temple Crunch - Sit on the floor on your mat. Lean back slightly and lift your legs up into a 45 degree angle. Place your hands on your temples. Lean back to the ground at the same time as moving your legs out straight in front of you. Once out straight crunch in ensuring you bring your legs right in to your chest. Repeat 10 times and do three reps. 

Leg Drop - Lie  flat on your back on the mat. Place your hands underneath you at  thebottom of your back. Lift both legs up to a 90 degree angle. Holding your core in tight lower both legs down to about an inch off the floor, hold then lift back up to starting position. Repeat 10 times and do three reps. 

I think back exercises are sometimes overlooked. Everyone wants a flat tummy and toned legs, but toning your back is just as important for those backless dresses. 

3. Push ups & Dead Lift Row 

Push ups - Push ups can be done with your knees slightly bent or your legs straight balancing on the tips of you toes and hands. I do the first option because I don't have enough strength to lower myself all the way down to the ground yet. So start with your hands a little more than shoulder width apart. Body in line and core tight. My knees are slightly bent. Hold most of your weight in your back and shoulders. Use you arms to lift you up and down to the ground. More advanced option your legs are straight. Repeat the exercise 10 times and do 3 reps.

Dead Lift Row - You will need a kettle bell or body bar for this exercise. Start with you feet hip width apart. Place the kettle bell on the ground between your legs. Slightly bend your knees so they are soft. Lean forward keeping your back straight. Grab the kettle bell with both hands and lift it up to shoulder level and then up above your head. Slowly lower it back to the ground sticking your bum out. This exercise works everything but you will be surprised by how much you feel it in your back the next day. No more wiggly bits!  

Lets not forget to work those legs and bum. 

Squats & Lunges 

Squats - I think the most popular exercise at the moment but really very effective if done right. Start by standing up straight with feet hip width apart. Tilt your upper body slightly forward keeping your back straight. Push your bum out behind you as you lower it to the ground. Hold for 10 seconds then power back up. Repeat 10 times! 

Lunges - Start in standing position with legs hip width apart. Step forward with your right leg and bend your right knee as your doing so. The back leg will automatically straighten as you doing so. Step back with you right leg into starting position. Then step forward with the left leg. Repeat 5 times on each leg for 3 reps. 

So girls that's the arms, tummy, back, bum and legs covered. I do a lot of these exercise daily (when I am attending my usually classes.) They may seem like simple exercises but the really do work the entire body. I think sometimes we are put off my exercises because we don't want to feel all disgusting and sweaty in a gym. Hopefully my changing our mindset and thing how nice we will look in these gorgeous LBD's it will inspire you! 

Until next time...

Yours stylishly 

Kerrie x 

Bella and Vogue  


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