Monday, 23 May 2016

The Body Confidence Series - Week 13

Welcome back to a fun filled week of 'The Body Confidence Series'. Can you believe we only have two weeks left of the series. The time has gone by way to fast but I am determined not to let my side down once this series is over. Creating this series not only helps to motivate you but also helps to keep me on my toes. A lot of you got in touch during the week giving me feedback about last weeks post. I shared a few tips for staying motivated during summer, this really helped a lot of you to feel inspired again about working out. I will admit it is difficult to stay motivated all the time especially when we have a mini heatwave and everyone's eating ice cream the last thing you want to do is go to the gym, myself included. What we have to understand is that we are all human and we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves. That is why one of my tips for staying motivated last week was to take a break. You will feel re-inspired once you return and be more determined than ever to reach your goals. Life is supposed to be fun, so if you aren't enjoying your regular gym any more take a day or a week off. Once you return I can guarantee that you will be craving your session and find a new found love for mountain climbers! 

Fitness can become an addiction. That feeling that you get after a workout is incredible. The burst of energy, the sense of achievement and the happiness that you feel, now that you are one step loser to reaching your goals is a feeling that I want to feel everyday. No matter if this is the first time you've worked out or you are a regular gym goer. The feeling you get after a workout will always be the same and gradually you begin to feel more confident about yourself, no matter what your weight or size. Confidence is a state of mind. So the more you work on building up your self esteem or what you consider a flaw instead of wasting time bashing it the more confident you will be.


Over the last year if not longer I have been working really hard to change my mindset. I was never really a negative person but I would worry about everything from gaining weight to worrying about what so and so thought about me. I knew I couldn't go through life with such unnecessary worry so I decided to make a change. I told myself to relax,gaining a few pounds isn't going to stop the world from turning and I just focused on the bigger things of life. I make sure to life a positive lifestyle every day and avoided any negativity at all costs. Since doing this my entire life as changed, everything from my personal life to my work life and I am so grateful for this! 

Inner Beauty

I am still working on my nutrition but I have seen a massive improvement over the last 13 weeks. Before I started this series I was having a cup of coffee and a cereal bar for breakfast, sometimes miss lunch if I was working and then eat a big meal in the evening and then snack later on. I have completely changed that around thankfully. I have a green juice or a peanut butter smoothie for breakfast, then I will have soup or a salad for lunch, dinner later in the evening and then maybe two small snacks during the day. By improving my diet I feel stronger and that I get more out of my workouts. 

Outer Beauty

Lately I have been mixing my workouts up and  not really sticking to a routine. I was using the same workout dvds and doing the same kettle bell class for a while which I got very used to so this week I want to improve my cardio as I am actually starting to enjoy running. I still love using kettle bells so I want to find new workouts to help tone certain areas as well as challenging my self with different weights. 

Yours stylishly 

Kerrie x 


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