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26 Question Tag!

Hi Guys! 

A few weeks ago the lovely Tara from Tara Ryan's Personal Blog so very kindly tagged me to do the 26 Question Tag. The 26 Question Tag is a tag that is passed around the blogging/vlogging  community. They are 26 random questions about all aspects of the bloggers life and personality. I think this is a lovely way to get to know the person behind the blog. So thank you Tara for tagging me.

1. Do you have a middle name? 

Yes, my middle name is Anne. I used to hate it when I was younger but now I don't mind it. 

2. What was your favourite subject in school?

I didn't really have a favourite over all subject in school but I did like Art, Biology, Business and English. What a mixture. There are ups and downs in all subjects! 

3. Zodiac Sign?

My Zodiac sign is Taurus. My positive traits are: Generous, Dependable, Down to earth, Patient,  Independent and Persistent. 

4. Do you participate in any sport? 

No, but I run, spin and go to various classes in a gym.

5. Favourite book? 

Right now its Front Roe by Louise Roe. It is a fashion, style and lifestyle book. I love it! 

6. Favoutite colour? 

You guessed it... Pink, of course! 

7. Favourite animal?

Doggies! I can't get enough. Love them.  

8. Favourite perfume?

My favourite low end or pharmacy bought perfume has always been and still is Intimately Beckham by Victoria Beckham. My favourite high end or department store bought perfume has to be Si the original by Giorgio Armani.

9. Have you been out of the country? 

Yes, I love to travel and it is something I plan on doing a lot off in the near future. 

10. Do you speak any other language? 

Very little Irish and French. 

11. Do you have any siblings? 

Yes, I have two younger sisters, Ciara and Michaela. 

12. Whats your favourite store? 

River Island, Zara, Penneys!  

13. Did you like school? 

It was ok! :p 

14. Favourite Youtubers 

I have so many favourite Youtubers. I love watching loads and loads of videos and tutorials when i'm tidying my room. I have always loved Carli Bybel and Elle Fowler. They were the first Youtubers I ever watched. I also love Grace Mongey and Suzanne Jackson. I have also started to watch Joanne Larby aka The Make Up Fairy. I could carry on but there's just too many to mention. 

15. Favourite Movie?

I love Sweet Home Alabama. Each of the characters in this movie reminds me of people from where I live! I also love Parent Trap, I could watch that movie over and over again! 

16. PC or Mac? 


17. What phone do you have? 

IPhone 5S 

18. How tall are you? 

I am 5ft 8 

19. What do you order at Starbucks? 

There is no Stackbucks where I live, the nearest is Dublin I think so for a treat I would get a mocha or hot chocolate! 

20. What is one thing people probably wont know about you? 

I am slightly OCD and a perfectionist. I love everything being clean, neat and tidy. I feel highly stressed and anxious when I'm not organised. 

21. One thing you want to do before you die?

Travel the world! 

22. What quote/phase do you live by? 

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms." 

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different!" - Coco Chanel 

23. What is your most listened to song? 

Anything my Sam Smith. I love him! 

24. What is the last thing you bought? 

Yesterday, I bought Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer in shade NC15. 

25. What made you want to blog? 

I started reading Elle Fowlers blog when I was in school. I loved how it was a complete escape from my everyday life and how I could just spend hours clicking next post. After reading her blog and watching her channel on Youtube I saw the connections she made and the friends she's made through it. I always thought I would love to do something like that and ever since I started my blog i've meet  so many new and interesting people. You also learn so much and really realize how much is actually out there. I think a lot of bloggers will agree especially the fab girls and guys I have met through the #itwbn! 

26. Any advice for a new blogger/Youtuber? 

Go for it and don't look back. 
Focus on yourself.
Do with love a passion!

So there are all 26 questions answered. If you have any more questions you would like to ask me leave a comment below, send me a snap or ask on any of my social media accounts. They are linked all down the right side bar Thank you so much again to Tara for tagging me. I will tag everyone on twitter. So if you want to find out who I tagged you can check it out there! 

Until next time...x 

Yours stylishly 

Kerrie Anne 

Bella and Vogue   


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