Monday, 20 July 2015

Fit & Fabulous Series Week 6 | Getting back on track

Hi Guys! 

I hope you all had a great Monday and are motivated for the week ahead. I am so deeply sorry about the lack of posts over the last few weeks. I have been very busy working and think I got a little burnt out with everything that is going on and then I got the flu. So I am so sorry again and I hope you forgive me. Today is the first day in about two weeks that I feel that I am back to myself again so from tomorrow I will be back at it. I mean it, I just needed today off to fully recover but I know I'm better now and ready to get back on track.

I am going to be honest with you last week when I was sick my diet and exercise were so bad. I couldn't exercise because I kept getting dizzy every time I stood up and I could taste anything so I skipped meals especially breakfast I couldn't face it and then when I did eat I didn't make healthy choices. I am so ashamed of myself for doing this especially because I was working so hard up until been sick. The last couple of days as I was improving I made better choices and it made me a lot happier. Not only in a weight loss kind of view but I just love eating healthy. It makes you feel so much better about yourself, your confidence and self-esteem levels rise, you become more positive, your outlook on life is brighter, your skin, hair and eyes will just glow what more could you want. If that isn't enough motivation for me to get off my but I don't know what is... 

My Goals for this week...

Drink 2/3 liters of water daily
Go to the Gym at least 3 times this week
Go to bed early and make sure I get proper recovery
Start my ab and squat challenge again
Start my Fabuloss Detox Tea tomorrow 
Begin and end each day with gentle stretches 
Stop snacking between meals 
Make healthy choices. 

I am also going to try and bring some of my workouts outside. The weather here hasn't been great here lately so it has nearly been impossible to go out for a walk for more then 10 minutes. I want to improve my cardio and get back into running this week also. I am going to increase my intake of fruts and vegetables this week aswell as doing the Fabuloss Detox Tea detox. I have tried the morning boost tea from this detox and it tasted like any other fruity herbal tea which was nice. I had no nasty side effects except fot a slight headache but that is to be expected in some detoxes. I will keep you posted on how this goes. For snacks out and about I love Quest Protein bars and for a cheeky treat I bought these Cookie Shots which are raw, vegan, gluten, dairy and wheat from and taste delicious. I bought these in Super Valu for 3.49 Eur they are in the healthy alternative section. 

So guys I really hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for all of you requests, comments, emails and kind words so far. I really appreciate it! 

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Life Update: Did you here that I am now Tagstrs Lifestyle Ambassador!! I am so delighted to be asked to be part of such a fast growing app. It is free to download on the Apple app store! 

Until next time...

Yours stylishly

Kerrie Anne 

Bella and Vogue x  

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