Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Over Night Oats Recipe

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Earlier today I posted a picture on instagram, facebook and twitter of my breakfast this morning which is the now infamous 'Over Night Oats', well infamous on The7amClub on facebook created by none other than FacesByGrace. Follow her on everything because she is so cool! When I first heard of these I couldn't understand why everyone was getting so excited about them. I used to love porridge but now the thought makes me sick. I think its very heavy. But after all the hype I decided last night to make some for breakfast this morning to see what all the fuss was about. Everyone in The7amClub loves these for breakfast and has there own recipe so I think this recipe is a few combined but you can mix it up to the way you like it.

Bella and Vogue's Over Night Oats Recipe 

I began with 30gs of Flahavan's Microwave Quick Oats, using the scope that comes with the Oats, I placed them into a jar. 
I then used the same scoop again and added two 30g scoops of coconut milk and added it into the jar with the oats.
I then added a tablespoon of Chia Seeds to the mixture and mixed in jar.
I left this in the fridge overnight.
This morning I mixed the oats, coconut milk and chia seeds to ensure the they weren't to sticky.
I then chopped a banana and placed it on top of the oats. 
I then chopped 4 strawberries and a small handful of blueberries and placed them on top of the banana. 
I then drizzled low-fat natural yogurt over the top and decorated with three chopped walnuts. 

Breakfast is served! 


Have you tried 'Over Night Oats' before? If so, how do you make them? I would love to hear your recipes and try them out. If any of you try my recipe I would love to know your thoughts. You can let me know by commenting below, on instagram (bellaandvogue), on twitter (KerrieAnne_ox) or on facebook (Bella and Vogue-Blog).

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Kerrie Anne x 

Bella and Vogue 


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