Saturday, 12 December 2015

A Gymbunnies Christmas Gift Guide

Hi Everyone! 

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all having a brilliant weekend and are getting into the festive spirit. As you know I am a fitness loving girl so I thought why not put together a little 'Christmas Gift Guide' full of all the fitness/health related gifts that I would like that I know other fitness girls would like too. Some gifts are a little more expensive than others but maybe your treating yourself or its that one extra special present. 

1. Victoria Secret - Pink Hoodies 
I love workout clothes and always buy more when I need that extra push of motivation. What you wear in the gym or when working out is more important than you may think. Wearing pretty or really funky gym clothes that you love makes you feel so much better about yourself which in turns helps you to workout to the best of your ability. I love these hoodies from Victoria Secret. The colours are gorgeous and they look so warm and soft. I wouldn't wear them working out but I would wear them to come and go from the gym.  

2. Trainers 
Wearing the right footwear when working out is also very important to aid support for your joints. There are also so many different styles and brands to choose from. You really are spoiled for choice. I love the Adidas Superstars and Nike Air Max Thea and getting them in the colours I have pictured below will also go with jeans when out shopping.  

3. Protein Bar Selection Box
I nearly died when I saw this on the website. You all know I love protein bar so I thought this was so cool. The are a perfect replacement for a regular chocolate bar, much healthy and perfect for giving you that boost of energy. There are five bars in the box and you can pick which ones you want. Such a good idea!  

4. Body Care 
After a tough session or a run there's nothing I love more than pampering my body and skin. The Body Shop have a line especially for gym goers called 'Spa Fit'. They smell amazing, really uplifting and are super hydrating. They are supposed to help firm and tone your skin. I recently bought a few products from this range but haven't used them all yet but I will do a full review when I do! 

5. Eat Yourself Beautiful By Rosanna Davison 
Eat Yourself Beautiful By Rosanna Davison is a cookbook with a very special difference. Rosanna is vegan and all recipes in the book and vegan based but you do not need to be vegan to follow them. You can add meat if you so wish. She goes about health in a really different way. She really promotes eating for beauty and not depriving yourself. She is a massive sweet tooth and and healthy desserts which a super sweet ti beat those cravings. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their, looks or lifestyle. 

6. Fitbit Flex 
This is the number one accessory on every fitchicks wishlist. The most highly recommended brand. It is a fitness tracker that helps to monitor how many calories you're burning in everyday life, and what you are burning off in the gym. It allows you to set goals, make a food diary, assesses how well you are sleeping. It can also be linked to your fitness pal app! So no excuses. It comes in bright coloured bands that can be changed regularly.   

7. Hair Treatment
As well as looking after our skin while working out it is also important to look after your hair. Your hair goes through a lot when exercising, if like me its tied up in a tight bobble flopping all over the place. s not only is it getting dehydrating it is probably getting weakened causing split ends to occur. I think this one from lush will be the perfect treat for after exercise! 

8. Nike Running Jacket
I think  a nice running jacket is the perfect gift for the fitness girl in  your life. We all focus on the essentials such as sports bras or leggings but never invest something like this. I really love this one from Little Woods Ireland and they have a huge collection of sports wear to offer. 

9. Agenda 
An agenda is really important for staying organised and staying on track of your meal plans and workouts as well as tracking your progress. I love this Kate Spade one from My Shining Armour! 

10. The gift of health and fitness
Why not treat your loved one to their next months membership or a new set of classes or if gyms or classes aren't their thing try online boot camps or workout dvds. This is something they would really appreciate and is it is a membership you are treating them too it is saving them the expense in the new year. 

Happy Shopping!

Yours Stylishly 

Kerrie x 


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