Friday, 25 December 2015

The Perfect Christmas & Feeling Grateful!

Its the most wonderful time of the year... it really is and  this year more than any year I was determined to make sure it was perfect from start to finish. I am truly grateful that it has been just that. It is so easy to get caught up in the rush of our extremely busy lives to stop and think about what Christmas is really about and just how fortunate we all are. 

Family is everything and I am so grateful to have a pretty amazing one. Since we were quite young it has been tradition that we open our Christmas presents on Christmas eve. Every Christmas eve night my parents would pack us into the car while one of our parents would have to run back inside as they would have 'forgotten' to do something or turn something off. They would run around our house gathering our presents putting them under the Christmas tree. While we waited with the other parent. We would then go to mass or go to town to get batteries for our new toys. When we would come home our presents would be under the tree and we would be so excited.

This tradition still remains and our Christmases are still just as magical and I am so thankful for that. Yesterday we spent the morning running last minute errands, wrapping presents and helping with meal preparations for today. In the evening we got ready for mass and then came home and opened presents. Each and everyone of us were really spoiled. Our gifts were really thoughtful and everyone got what they wished for.  This morning we all slept in but were woken by our puppy. He got upstairs and ran up and down our hallway tapping on everyone's door to wake us up. He brings such love and happiness into our home. I think all dog lovers will understand. We got up and had coffee and croissants for breakfast. We changed into our Christmas jumpers and relaxed watching Christmas movies before dinner. 

We had a wonderful day snuggling in our cozy clothes, laughing and eating all the food! I hope you had a magical Christmas filled with love and laughter! I also want to Thank You my wonderful readers so much for reading my blog and being so kind since I started this journey. I really appreciate each and everyone of you. So Thank you!

Merry Christmas & Love always! 

Kerrie x 


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