Saturday, 19 December 2015

My Current Ab Routine

With only five days until Christmas I'm not leaving it until the New Year to work off my over indulging booty. During the summer you may have read my 'Fit and Fabulous Series'  where I weekly discussed my meal plans and workouts. During the series I shared 'My At Home Ab Routine'  which I still include in my every day workouts but change is also good as your muscles get used to the exercises and they become less effective. Reading back over my previous fitness posts has really put me in the mind set of the post Christmas push. Buying new workout gear is also a great push in the right direction. I bought my Nike workout clothes in Cheshire Oaks  during the summer. They are by far my favourite workout clothes out of my collection and wear them as much as I can. The t-shirt is still in perfect condition and feels like new. I have the matching top to wear over it and it is also in perfect condition. The pants are seamless and are the most comfortable pants I own. Perfect for a real intense ab workout! 

Weighted side punches

Standing up straight with your feet hip distance apart, hold a 2.5lb dumbbell in each hand. Starting with your right hand, punch across the front of your body to your left side twisting you core but keeping your hips square and still. Repeat for 12 Reps 

Weighted side reaches 

Stand up straight with your feet hip width apart. Holding a 2.5lb dumbbell in each hand. Holding the dumbbell in your left hand place your hand on your left hip. The other dumbbell is in the right hand. Bend from the waist reaching down your right leg. Really concentrating and focusing on crunching the waist and feeling a stretch in the left side. Repeat for 12 reps on the right side and then switch and repeat for 12 reps on the left side. 

Kettle bell fold

Lie on your back with your arms straight above your head holding the kettle bell upside down and you legs straight out in front of you. Lift your arms holding the kettle bell and your legs up at the same time to meet in the in the middle. Once they've met lower back to starting position just about an inch off the ground. Repeat for 12 reps. 

Weighted star crunch 

Again lie on your back with your arms above your head holding the dumbbell and your legs straight out in front of you. Holding the dumbbell above your head lift your shoulders up off the ground and pull your knees in at the same time to crunch the waist. As you do this reach your feet and place the dumbbell on the ankles, stretch your legs and arms back out to starting position. Really feeling the bun in your lower tummy. Repeat for 12 reps. 


Lie on your back with you fingers on your temples, with you knees bent. Alternate your legs pointing them straight out in front of you at the same time twist your upper body in the using the opposite sides to really work the obliques. Repeat for 12 reps.

Fast Russian twist 

Sit on your mat and lean back slightly. Join your hands and lift your legs up off the ground and cross your feet. Quickly twist your core from side to side ensuring that you opposite elbow paces you opposite hip. Repeat for 30 reps (15 on each side).   

Once those DOMs set in I can't even laugh my abs burn that much! Let me know if you try this routine!

Yours stylishly 

Kerrie x 



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