Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How To Stay Fit & Healthy This Festive Season!

Hi Everybody! 

Happy Wednesday! December is well and truly here and Christmas party season is fast approaching. I know only to well how hard it is to eat healthy and exercise this time of year, with selection boxes and celebrations at every twist and turn testing my will power as well as the cold, dark mornings and evenings doesn't really entice you to go out and exercise. I love this time of year and love spending time with family and friends and really embrace the season but it is really easy to over do it at skip your workouts. 

So here are some of my top tips on how to stay fit and healthy this Christmas Season. 

1. Focus 
My first tip and probably the most important is to focus on the bigger picture. It is too easy to get caught up in the mind set of feeling like you have to eat everything you see just because its Christmas. I am very guilty of this, I would stuff my face with chocolate until I feel sick and really I can't do this because I suffer with eczema and chocolate aggravates it. So definitely not worth it. 
Instead of thinking about all the yumminess there is to eat think of how hard you've worked all year to get to where you are today.

"Think of your Christmas party dress!" 

2. A little of what you fancy...
Which brings me to my second tip - "A little of what you fancy does you good". So instead of eating the whole box of celebrations, a full chocolate cake and a large size bag of Doritos to yourself all in one sitting. Try some portion control. Have maybe 3/5 celebrations or one piece of cake. Depriving yourself wont make you happy so a little treat every now and then will keep your cravings at bay. 

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
Staying hydrated is important all year long but its definitely a lot harder this time of the year. With the cold weather and so many tempting hot chocolates around its very easy to pass on the water. But we still need it as much as any other time of the year as we become dehydrated especially with central heating on around the clock. Water is also important for flushing out toxins which aids with bloating or water retention an other plus for getting into that party dress.

4. Workout
Get your workout done as early in the day as possible or at least when its bright. If you leave it until after work when its dark and cold you definitely won't want to go out and do it. So my advice for you is to get in first thing in the morning or over your lunch break when its still bright. Or if you prefer to get your session in  after work look up some at home workouts on YouTube and create you own little circuit at home! 

5. Nourish 
With the colder weather and change of season it is really important to look after your body and immune system. Late nights and partying wreak havoc with your immune system so ensure to eat your veggies so that you are getting sufficient nutrients and vitamins. Make sure you are getting enough rest and take some time out really pamper yourself. Take a nice hot bath, put on a face mask and have a cozy night in watching a movie or something you enjoy. Before you hit the next party of course!

I really hope you found this post helpful and if you have any tips I love to hear them! 

Thanks for reading!

Yours stylishly!

Kerrie x  


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