Monday, 25 January 2016

White Marble Inspired

With every new iPhone coming out there is always a certain amount of hype that follows. Not very surprising when Apple really out did themselves by introducing a beautiful rose gold cover. I had my heart set and waited patiently for my contract to end so I could in turn upgrade from my trusty old iPhone 5s. The day finally arrived last week and I was all ready for the 6s world. Until that is I got chatting to the shop assistant. He advised me to upgrade to the iPhone 6 instead of 6s because there is very little difference except for the beautiful colours. In the end I opted for the 6 with 64GB. I am extremely happy with my decision and so grateful to have this phone even though I'm minding it like a baby!

In saying that what's a new phone without a posh new cover. Faux marble is everywhere at the moment and definitely a favourite among fashion bloggers. It is the perfect accessory and interior piece to add a vibe of luxury and style to your outfit or vanity. I love how clean, luxe and effortless it looks. Perfect with every outfit.

Yours stylishly!

Kerrie x 

White marble iPhone case : Amazon   

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