Monday, 11 April 2016

The Body Confidence Series - Week 7

After taking the weekend off from working out I was craving to get back to the gym tonight. I awoke feeling more motivated than ever and felt unstoppable. Call me crazy but I do really like Mondays. It always feels like a fresh start and I am always more productive. I suppose its down to life balance. By taking the weekend off to relax and indulge a little, if I felt like it. It prevents me from having cravings during the week and leaves me feeling revived and ready to take what ever the week throws at me. 


My positive mindset improves everyday. Its amazing that by making a conscious decision to be happy and live a positive lifestyle that your whole world can be completely turned around. I'm not saying its easy or that it happens over night, you have to work at it but do try it and you will get there.

Inner Beauty

Last week I didn't drink as much water as I should and I can really notice a difference in my skin. There are a few signs of dehydration on my face especially on my forehead and nose, as well as some dry patches on my arms and tummy. So this week I want to drink 2/3 liters daily including warm water with a slice of lemon and green matcha tea. Last week I made an effort to try new meals and make new dishes. I will continue this making sure that the meals are as healthy and clean as possible. 

Outer Beauty 

This week I really want to step it up a notch. I want to really step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. Summer is fast approaching and at this stage I am getting bikini fear. So focusing on ab and squat challenges this week as well as including the Kim Kardashian workout DVD 'Fit Your Jeans By Friday' which can be bought on amazon. I will also continue with the 5k Runner app as I am now on week 3 and feel that my fitness level has really improved.

I hope you are all enjoying the series so far and have a happy and healthy week! 

Yours Stylishly 

Kerrie x  

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