Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bella and Vogue goes to London! Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and more...

London Diary: Day 3 

As Wednesday was our last day of our trip to London we wanted to fit in a much site seeing as we could. We woke up early and had breakfast in the hotel. We then got the tube out to see Big Ben. It felt very surreal to me as silly as that sounds. It was a dream come true to go to London as I've said before it has always been a goal of mine to go to London and now I have no idea what was stopping me. I just think the entire city is beautiful. The work the architectures but into each building is out of this world and the city is so well looked after.

Early mornings, massive stores, pretty buildings, fashion to die for, street style, dining out every night, dancing to Mama Mia, dashing in and out of tubes and taxis, sight seeing, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace... London you have exhausted me but I am deeply in love with you! 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a total home bird but I enjoyed my time in London so much that I would move there in the morning if the opportunity arose. I loved the fast pace of life, the business and of course the fashion. All my life I have loved fashion but now after spending the few days that I did in London I know for sure that I would love to branch out of my comfort zone and work within the fashion industry! In saying that I am in no way naive I know that that is not what the city is all about and that living there would be completely different than a holiday but I genuinely would love to live there. It would be a dream come true! I am already planning my next trip and London Fashion might just be added to my list of goals for 2015... 

You never know just what the future will bring! ;)

I really hope you enjoyed this post and picked up a few tips and tricks about traveling to London if so I would love to know! 

Lots of Love

Kerrie Anne x 

Bella and Vogue  


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