Tuesday, 7 April 2015

London Edition: What I packed in my carry-on bag!

What I packed in my carry-on bag! 

Hi Guys! 

How have you all been keeping? Sorry I have been a little MIA as of late! As some of you may know last week I was in London for a few days. I have always wanted to go to London as I had never been before. I've always heard people talk about it with such excitement and about what an amazing city it is. So I wanted to go to see what all the hype was about! This is why when one of my  friends text me asking would I like to go to London with one of our other friends I couldn't say no! I was so excited its all I've thought about for months. That night we looked up flights and hotels to try and find the best deals we could. We decided to travel with Ryanair, and we booked our accommodation with booking.com. We stayed in Paddington, in the cutest little hotel ever. It kind of reminded me of that program that used to be on years ago 'Faulty Towers', it was small and old-fashioned but it was clean and very close to Paddington Tube Station which was just what we needed as we were only staying 3 days so we didn't have much time for traveling. 

This is a picture of the street we stayed on. Its so pretty! 

So what did I pack in my carry-on bag? 

When travelling I believe that comfort is key to making your journey so much easier. We were only bringing one carry-on bag each and one small bag with us so we all brought the bare minimum. 

I only brought my small Paul's Boutique over night bag because I have found it easy in the past for squashing loads of clothes into it as the bag is soft leather. The one down side to this even though you can fit loads into it, its so heavy to carry around my arms were dead by the time we got to the hotel. I would definitely recommend a bag on wheels (so much easier).

We were only staying three days including the day we arrived so the outfit I wore the first day is not pictured here, but I will do a full fashion post on each outfit I wore and where I bought everything in the next few days. :)  I wore a pair of ripped blue jeans for traveling so I only needed to bring one other pair with me as I had planned on buying more jeans when I was shopping in London and of course I did! I brought two blazers which could be worn in day time or night. I love blazers I think they are a staple wardrobe piece as the are very versatile. I brought 5 tops with me, a silver glittery one because I thought it would be nice to wear out if we went for dinner or something, a mint green knitted jumper because it was warm and I though it would be nice when we were sight seeing so I wouldn't freeze, a white top to go inside this, a casual statement T that says 'Tell them you bought it in Milan' and you may recognize the next top I wore it to my first ever #itwbn Bloggers Event in February you can read about this here   http://bellaandvogue.blogspot.ie/2015/02/into-west-blogger-network-itwbn-blogger.html and of course I brought bras and undies to match. I only brought one pair of black wedged boots for wearing out at night as I didn't want to weigh down my bag any more and I wore a pair of runners.

Now on to jewelry, again I packed light with my jewelry picking very versatile pieces that would go with most of my outfits. I pack them in my draw-string Ted Baker bag which is perfect for keeping your jewelry safe and together. I brought my statement turquoise and baby pink necklace which I bought in Penneys last year, the long necklace is actually my Mums, the sun glasses are Penneys, the bracelets came in a set from Carraig Donn and are actually sold out! The watch is from River Island which you can buy it here  http://eu.riverisland.com/women/watches/Gold-tone-cream-face-diamante-watch-664935

I then packed my travel beauty bag which I will fill you all in on in my next post! ;) I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you are travelling anywhere and this post helped you to pack light I'd love to know! 

Thank you so much again for reading!

Lots of Love 

Kerrie Anne x

Bella and Vogue 


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