Monday, 15 June 2015

Fit & Fabulous Series Week 1

Hi Everyone! 

Its Week 1 of my  Fit & Fabulous Serious! Summer is officially here and who doesn't want to look good on the beach. Its never to late to start living a healthy lifestyle, so why not start today. As mentioned in my first Fit & Fabulous post I am going to be doing weekly blog posts about my healthy eating habits, what workouts I do and any other tips or tricks of motivation I learn along the way. The weekly posts will be my plan of what I am doing for the week ahead. I think this will really help to keep me on track and it will help you to follow along too. 

My goals for this week are too - 

1. Wake up earlier and go for a walk or a  run. 
2. Plan out a stretching routine.
3. Isolating Ab workouts. 
4. Increase my water intake.
5. Go to bed early.

Last year I ran my first 10k mini marathon, every week a group of us from the gym that I go to met up and trained for about 1o weeks up the the marathon. We did various high intensity training around the lake from doing laps on the flat surface, to sprints, relays and then really testing our fitness and cardio levels by sprinting up and very steep hills know as Cardiac Hill. During the week when I was not training with them I used this 'Fat Burning Treadmill Workout' by the girls from Tone It Up.

I love this workout and it doesn't have to be done on the treadmill it can be done anywhere. I think this is the perfect workout for anyone who wants to start running or who wants to lose weight and get fitter. The girls also have a Tone It Up app which is perfect for days when you can't make it to the gym or are on holidays and you want to get your workouts in. 

For the last couple of weeks I have been doing a 5k series where participants run 5k every week in a different town. I am only getting back into running as I much prefer working out in a gym. I have been finding that my muscles are getting really tight so I feel that I really need to loosen them as I am doing high intensity workouts in the gym too. 

Every week I am going to concentrate on improving a different area of my body, my tummy been number one. So every day outside of my gym workouts and running I am going to be really working on toning this area. On facebook there are always fitness events trending, such as 'The 30 Day Abs Challenge' and 'Body Blitz June'. They normally consist of 5 exercises with 10 reps, you can alter this to suit your own fitness level. 

Every morning after I do my stretches I am going to complete these to challenges. My goal for the end of summer is to have a super toned tummy and a peachy bum! :P During this week I am also going to attend 3 classes in the gym I attend, which consists of kettlebells, circuits and spinning. On the days I am not attending the gym I will go for walks or go for a run. 

*Bella and Vogue Tip* 
I love drinking Green Tea cold. I put it in a 2 liter water bottle and bring it to work or out and about. I sip it throughout the day. Its very refreshing and brilliant for weight loss. 

I really want to increase my water intake. I would be good for a while and then I would get out of the habit but I'm going to really try this time. I also want to improve my sleeping patterns. I am a night owl and find it hard to shut down and night. I am hoping that by improving my diet and exercise I will sort out my sleeping routine. 

As the saying goes 'You can't out exercise a bad diet!' So I was thinking of posting meals plans and recipes on here. Is that something you would be interested in? Let me know you can email me at tweet me @KerrieAnne_ox or follow me on instagram and facebook to get regular updates. Instagram @bellaandvogue Facebook @Bella and Vogue-Blog

Until next time 

Yours Stylishly 

Kerrie Anne x 

Bella and Vogue 


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