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#MondayMotivation | How to get Motivated and reach your Fitness Goals!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Motivation Monday! There's nothing quite like a new month to kick start your health and fitness routine. So I decided to put together a post giving you some tips and tricks on what I've learnt from very successful personal trainers and fitness instructors as well as a few things that I do to help me stay motivated when trying to reach my fitness and health goals. 

1. It starts with a decision...

It all starts with a decision. I believe in order to achieve anything in life you have to make the decision to do what ever it takes to make that dream come true. So when talking about weight loss, stand in front of a mirror in a bikini or swimsuit and look at what you want to change. Do you want a flatter tummy, more toned arms or that perfect peachy bum. I think this is a brilliant way to stay motivated. You can see clearly what you want to improve so during your days you can stay focused when choosing what to eat and getting your workouts in. This does not only go for weight loss. Weight loss might not be your goal, you might be happy with your weight but want to improve your fitness level or run a marathon. It all starts with You deciding what you want to achieve. It all depends or your mindset!

 2. Do it for the After Photo
Take weekly photos of your transformation. You do not need to post them on any social media accounts or even show any body. Keep them for your self. You will be amazed at how well you are doing when you stay on track when keeping to a clean eating plan rich in fruits, vegetables, good fats etc. Your skin will glow, your hair will be glossy and your eyes will sparkle and that's before you look at you muscle definition. You will see where your improving and what you need to work on. 

3. Don't wait - The time will never be just right!
I am so guilty for this. There is always going to be an occasion coming up, that you think that healthy options wont be available for you or you wont get your workout in. But if you don't start today you will always be one day behind. My advice here is to start today, eat healthy and get your run/walk or workout in and so what if you have an occasion at the weekend. Wake up earlier and go for a run. Starting the day off on a positive note will get those happy endorphin's  flowing and you will be so proud of your self. When at the party or occasion ask for the healthy option or better still bring some snacks in your bag so that you wont fall off track. 

4. Envision your Success

Different people are inspired or motivated by different things. Find what technique is best suited to your needs, be that a goal setting strategy or a vision board. Everything you do will either take you one step closer or further away from your dream. This is what you should always be thinking about when trying to succeed with anything you do.The more solid foundation you have the more likely you will succeed. Be a specific as possible when listing your goals and don't settle for a vague dream. It becomes more achievable  when you know exactly what you are working towards. Write down what you want, print these goals in picture form and place them on your vision board. Write a list on how you intend to but these plans into action. Now its no longer a dream but instead a very real plan! 

5. Schedule a Routine

Routine and organization are key for fitting in your work out. At the start of the week look at your planner and schedule in your workouts, runs or walks. Treat it like an appointment that you cannot miss and make it your main priority. Make a shopping list and a meal planner and go grocery shopping twice a week to insure you have the most fresh and healthiest food available. Make your lunch the night before work and bring it with you and make sure to bring a bottle of water with you everyday! 

6. Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat!
The fitness industry is growing from strength to strength and classes or gyms don't need to be expensive and you will be sure to find a class or gym to suit you. I go to a gym where they have are mainly class focused but also provide personal and group training with one of the personal trainers. The gym is also open to all members to go in and workout on their own. My favorite classes are weight training as its a full body workout and I can see already. If the gym or classes aren't your thing grab a buddy and get out doors, go for a run or even get a home workout DVD and workout together at home. 

So guys there you have it my tops tips for getting motivated for getting into that bikini this summer. I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like me to do more fitness posts comment below and let me know what you would like to read or follow me on facebook @Bella and Vogue-Blog twitter @KerrieAnne_ox or instagram @bellaandvogue

Yours Stylishly 

Kerrie Anne x 

Bella and Vogue 


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