Monday, 29 June 2015

Fit & Fabulous Series Week 3

When you start to see results, it becomes an addiction... Never give up! 

Hi Girls and Guys! 

I hope you had a brilliant weekend and are motivated for the week ahead. Last week I was working everyday so I didn't have time to blog and I really missed it! I am working everyday this week too but I am going to try to work on my blog in the evenings when I come home. I am so delighted with the response I have gotten so far on the 'Fit & Fabulous Series'. Before starting this series I was going to keep it as a weekly diary for myself to keep me motivated and to stop me from falling off track. When I first started blogging about health and fitness it was requested that I do something like this. So I really hope you are enjoying reading this as much as I am writing it. 

This week I am really going to concentrate on toning and stretching. I will not be able to attend my usual class every evening due to finishing work late but I have created an at home workout plan which I will be more that happy to share with you if that is something you would like to see. I am also going to continue my 30 Day Ab Challenge and 30 Squat Challenge. I downloaded these two apps on my IPhone for free. 

30 Day Ab Challenge 

Sit ups 
Leg Raise 

30 Day Squat Challenge 


Tomorrow I will be on day 10 as I skipped rest days. I skipped rest days because I didn't do any other exercises or workouts on the days I was suppose to take them. I just felt like I had done something to help tighten and tone on those day. On day one of each challenge I had to do 10/20 reps of each exercise and everyday the number increases. Tomorrow I have to do, 50 sit ups, 50 crunches , 30 leg raises ans 38 second plank. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day for squats so I will do day 11 instead which is 120! OMG! That's why its a rest day the day before! LOL! 

During the week I was sent the infamous Fabuloss Detox Teas. What they are, are a 14 day detox. You have one cup of tea in the morning which is your Morning Boost and one cup of your Night Cleanse which you have every second night. I had my Morning Boost this morning and it tastes so nice. I did have a slight headache a while later but I think this is just part of the detox process. It didn't last long and I feel perfectly fine now. I will try the Night Cleanse tonight. I will keep you posted on my thoughts throughout the Teatox and do a full review when I'm finished. 

Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, private messages and e-mails throughout the week. I am more than delighted to help you out in any way I can, You are also keeping me on my toes and staying motivated so Thank you so much! 

As usual Thank you so much for reading and I really hope you enjoyed this post. If you would like to follow me on Facebook @Bella and Vogue-Blog, Instagram @bellaandvogue, Twitter @KerrieAnne_ox and Snapchat @bellaandvogue 

Until next time...

Yours Stylishly 

Kerrie Anne 

Bella and Vogue x

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