Monday, 22 June 2015

Fit & Fabulous Series Week 2

Mondays are always hard but never give up! 

Hi Everyone! 

Hope you are all having a very happy Monday! As most of you will know last Monday I started my 'Fit & Fabulous Series', if this is the first you have heard about this you can read last weeks post here! I did great last week getting my workouts in but it probably wasn't the best week to start a new fitness regime. I was invited to two blogger events last week, I had my friends wedding and it was Fathers Day on Sunday and we went out to dinner to celebrate so I did slip off track a little. I also had to work an extra day last week so it was extremely busy. 

I do believe in everything in moderation so this morning when I woke up after a weekend of over indulging instead of looking up some silly crash diet that all the celebs are following I got straight back into my healthy eating and I was craving going to my kettlebell class. Which I really enjoyed but it was so so tough. So many times I wanted to stop because my arms were killing me but I just kept on telling myself to keep going and don't stop. Its all about your mindset and pushing yourself that bit further.

My Goals for this week are:

1. Continuing doing isolated ab challenges. I actually just downloaded a free app on my iphone - 30 Day Ab Challenge. I will be doing this along side the ab challenge I posted in Week 1's  post. 

2. Isolated Squat challenge. I also downloaded a free app for this too - 30 Day Squat! 

3. I have to give up coffee I am beyond addicted and I don't even like the taste any more.

4. I am going to have a Green Juice every morning and I will post the recipes on here. 

As mentioned above I went to a class this evening with consisted of full body kettlebell exercises and then using our own body weight ab challenge which was very tough. Tomorrow I am going for a 5k run, Wednesday I will workout at home, on Thursday I will go to  a circuits class. I will take Friday off but might go for a walk during my lunch or when I finish work. On Saturday, I will go for a light jog and then on Sunday I will take the full day off apart from the ab and squat challenges that I have going on!   

Bella and Vogue Tip!

If you are craving something sweet checkout my Sweetheart Strawberry Smoothie Recipe or my Raw Cacao Shake Recipe I am also loving Quest Nutrition Protein Bars which you can buy from or selected health food stores. The Raspberry and White Chocolate ones are my fav! 

What workouts and healthy recipes are you getting up to this week? To keep updated on any more recipes, workouts, motivation, etc. Follow me on facebook @Bella and Vogue-Blog Twitter @KerrieAnne_ox and Instagram @bellaandvogue

Until next time...x 

Yours Stylishly! 



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